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Florida Drifter – January 1975 – Journal Entry

1975 Winter Night A Palm Beach golf course The 17th green Shadows of palm trees Against a starry balmy night. I spread out a sheet I fall asleep Rain wakes me Not rain Green sprinklers To the west night To the east dawn Flamingoes surrounded me Not plastic Pink flamingoes Laugh Hot swampy morning Florida […]

If Bruce Came to My House

In April 2008 I lived nowhere. My apartment in the East Village had been taken over by the faceless management company. I lived with my wife and daughter in Pattaya until this April. We had good times and bad times. It was home, then again I considered anyplace home once you buy a roll of […]

Palm Beach Ne’er-Do-Well

Many of my female friends laughed upon hearing about my summer job on Palm Beach. “What’s so funny?” “we know what’s going to happen.” Each women was possessed by a singular vision. “You’re going to fleece some heiress.” “Fleece?” Both my wife and mistress had green-lighted any multi-zero gigoloing with turtle-fleshed heiresses on the fabled […]

Over And Out – Senor Trump

Over the previous two months following the 2020 Election Trump, GOP politicians, and right-wing news stations had been very vocal about accusing the Democrats of having manipulated the counting of votes. Scores of lawsuits were filed by Republican lawyers against the results in Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. None of them were accepted […]


Last week I went out to eat with my nephews and their parents at a Mexican restaurant on Okochobee Boulevard in west Palm Beach. The conversation gravitated to sports; baseball for Trey, golf for Reese, and basketball for their father and me. Their mother was happy to be left in peace. After dinner we stepped […]