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The Nearest Planet

Last week I met my friend’s son in the Meat Packing District. Alfred was a business graduate of Princeton. Magna Cum Laude. His parents considered him genius at 21. His father wanted me to introduce him to a big-time investment banker to whom I sold diamonds. It was a small favor, although sitting amongst the […]

Bad Pigeons At The Plaza

The park before the Plaza Hotel in New York has a fountain bordered by leafy shade trees. Most people avoid sitting on the stone ledges or benches, since thousands of pigeon rest on the branches and thousands of them defecate every day. These two women ignore the danger to eat ice cream out of the […]

Mr. Softee Arf Arf

This summer at lunch time Mister Softee ice cream truck passed through the industrial park off Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn. I couldn’t recall the last time I had licked at a vanilla cone, yet every time its siren call announced its arrival in the area, I ran outside hoping to catch the truck. Not once […]


A TRAIN STATION WITHOUT TRAINS is a collection of four stories set in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Millions of tourists come to view one of the largest open air interiors in the world and while I’ve traveled north from the station, I’ve also spent time eating and drinking at the fabled Oyster Bar and […]

A Night Without Northen Lights

From my roof I sought the northern lights The moon shone silver in the clear night keeping the aurora borealis out of sight banning the promised show from a city too bright. clouds soon blanketed the heavens with a soft white disappointed I descended from the the roof’s heights to my room and drink beer […]