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Cops In The Good Old Days

Nightclub raconteur Steve Lewis wrote on that the NYPD harassment of the nightclub GREENHOUSE appeared to be blatant racism. That certainly seems to be the case. The police hate nightclubs, because they don’t get payoffs like the ‘good ole days’ unless they put pressure on the joint and then the ‘bagman’ comes to […]

Cowboy Versus Batman

My friend Haoui Montauk bequeathed me a Paul Smith suit in his will. We had worked at a punk nightclub together in the late-70s. He had collected the cash and I had worked the door as a bouncer. Haoui liked to call me ‘rough trade’. He wasn’t wrong. I liked a good fight now and […]

ROCK DOOR by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the 90s my English friend AC lived in ground-floor triplex’s back door onto East 13th Street. He loved the location with his own personal exit onto the sidewalk. Homeless people also appreciated the step’s functionality as a refuge from inclement weather. “I keep walking out of my house into someone else’s home.” The […]

Vagabonding In The City

My disaster stint in Alaska cost my apartment in Fort Greene. Too many hours. Too little money. How little? $100 for a thirteen hour day. I wasn’t cut out for selling silver trinkets to geriatric cruise line passengers. May was not the month to make sales in Juneau. Six days a week. I lasted a […]

Near-Lethal Farts

Passing gas has been a great source of humor since Adam’s first fart aka the undivine wind. Throughout history comedians have eked jokes from this human frailty. My best i.e. worst fart was at the Ritz in New York City. Public Image was on stage. I had eaten a bad oyster and my intestines gurgled […]