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Good for the Bad – Milk Bar 1986

Written 2009 Eternally bad behavior has been endemic in bars and nightclubs. Drinking tended to assholize many people, myself included, and drugs exacerbated the dilemma. The problem covers all stations of life from the very rich to the very poor. My years of working security at Hurrah, the Jefferson, Bains-Douches, Milk Bar et al had […]

Bad Debt Good

My first credit card was backed by the endorsement of Mrs. Carolina in 1995. “An American Express for emergencies.” The southerner loved the way I kissed and visited me once a month in New York. Ms. Carolina told her husband that I was gay. His believing her mapped out a faultline in my masculinity. Ms. […]


Yesterday Clover and I acted out mini-dramas on 42nd Street. Both of us dressed in the nines. Her skirt cut high to her thigh. We weren’t from the sneakers and jeans brigades. The pedestrians wondered who we were; a young blonde runaway and her protector. Anthony snapped shots of us. He seemed very pleased with […]


Clover, Anthony, and I are creating a photo-roman based on my story and featuring his photos. Our cast includes Rhonda, Cookie, Klaus as well as Andy Reese playing a hustler gunman. Everyone else from previous test shots; Mark Mitchell, Wendy have been exed from the future shootings. Anthony wants to finish this fast, so he […]

Bah Humbug Stop your Kvetching

My 2009 Xmas season consisted of a marathon work schedule at the diamond exchange. 7 days a week. 9 hours a day. No caroling or egg nog or festive cheer. I was at work to sell diamonds and jewelry to the public to support my families in Thailand. Business on 47th Street is better than […]