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60 Minus 1

Friends, family, and strangers constantly say that I don’t look my age. I’ve stopped looking in the mirror in favor of regarding my shadow against a wall, so the innate narcissistic nature guillibly believes the complements and lies. This weekend was my birthday. One short of the next big one. Andrea from across the aisle […]

The Xmas Drunk

Last holiday season I had a great part-time job being invited to office parties as the Christmas Drunk. $500 an appearance and all I could drink. Bad behavior was a must. Insulting the boss was a showstopper. Punching out the hated brother-in-law was most requested extra. $100/punch. Insulting a wife’s obesity was a secret request […]

AN XMAS EVE TALE by Peter Nolan Smith

Three years ago the holiday sales plummeted to near-zero in New York’s Diamond District 47th Street. The Greater Depression had robbed the middle-class of their imagined wealth and jewelry purchases had been sacrificed to pay mortgages and credit card bills. America as a nation continued to suffer from the banking debacle, the collapse of the […]

Elk Books At Printed Matter

Years ago famed skateboarder Jocko Weyland published my story FAMOUS FOR NEVER in Elk Books. My failure versus the success of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The celebrated artist painted my refrigerator. I had my girlfriend from West Virginia wiped off the images. My jealousy had a stiff price tag. At least a million dollars. Jocko went off […]

How Sweet It Is

“How sweet it is.” Few youths of today are familiar with Jackie Gleason’s famous aside. The big man was a star. TV, Broadway, Miami Beach. He symbolized joie de vivre. Jackie Gleason was no athlete. A good golfer and gambler, but no Olympian except for drinking and eating, especially at Toots Shor’s West 52nd Restaurant. […]