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Hunting Pine Trees 1958

Fir trees lined the sidewalk On Vanderbilt Avenue Clinton Hill Brooklyn. Spruce pines Chopped Up north from New England forests. My homeland. Trees For families and friends To celebrate Christmas Breathing the fragrance of evergreens, As The tree elves Elysaah, Ruth, and Bobby Hock trees and wreaths Working hard Whilst I laze On My yuletide […]

Glatt Thanksgiving

The Brownist English Dissenters fled their homeland in the 16th and 17th Century to escape religious persecution by the Church of England, which worsened with the return of the Catholic Stuarts’ return to the throne. Leyden in Holland welcomed the refugees, but the Puritans led a precarious economic existence in the Netherlands, whose people were […]

Letter To Jocko – A Wedding

Two weekends ago I had a great trip up to a wedding south of Boston. Brigette and I thought about renting a car, but resisted the corporate brainwashing instructing the masses that they can’t live without a car. We took the 8am bus to South Station, wandered about the Fort Channel, and headed down to […]

Boston Corner, New York

This June I traveled north by train to Dover Plains. It was my first trip out of New York since my Yulemas liver transplant. Almost everyone of the train was old. I was old too. Michael picked me up at the station. He lived on the eastern slope of the Taconic Mountains. We had arranged […]

The Height Of Land – Homage to HP Lovecraft

Beyond the windblown Height of Land Route 17 runs north to Quebec A rutted road leads east Neglected by county and state Through bogs and swamps To a town with no name on a map The few inhabitants call it Dogtown There are no dogs Nor knowledge of dogs The town is more a clearing […]