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The Plight of a Billionairess – 2009

Back in 2008 a shoe dropped on the world economy week. The downturn was unlike anything I had seen since gas crisis of 1973. One spring weekend in 2009 I couldn’t take any more bad news and fled New York for the bucolic hills of Dutchess County. My good friend AC picked me up at […]

Boston Corner, New York

In June 2022 I traveled north by train to Dover Plains. It was my first trip out of New York since my Yulemas liver transplant. Almost everyone of the train was old. I was old too. Michael picked me up at the station. He lived on the eastern slope of the Taconic Mountains. We had […]

December 13, 1978 – East Village – Journal

My first childhood on Falmouth Foresides And then the South Shore of Boston. In 1976 I left for good. New York bound, Two years now Yet I miss New England The White Mountains The Maine Coast Old Orchard Beach, Portland’s Eastern Promenade The view on Mount Washington far to the west The two old schooners […]

An Old Man’s Crime

Last summer My friend drove to Great Barrington. I told Michael to pull over into a derelict county fair grounds. Rusty no trespassing signs On sagging chain link fences. I shushed his fears of an arrest. “You are not involved.” His dog wanted to join me. I shook my head. “Sorry, girl.” A leap Over […]


Vermont Wintah 1973 Montreal buried by blizzards. The temp Minus zero. I was crashing with two New Zealanders Across the street From the Winston Churchill Pub Only forty feet Going out for beer a gamble. Life, death, frozen limbs, or drunk. The snow chest high. More snow everyday More storms on the way Snowbound for […]