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How Cold Was It?

A young couple purchased an old home in Northern Maine from two elderly sisters. “How you survive winter up here?” “No problem,” the older sister answered with Yankee terseness. The young couple bought the house, but with the approach of Winter the husband was concerned about the house’s lack of insulation. “If they could live […]

Super Bowl Snatch

I love the unpredictabilty of chaos No one could have predicted on Kearse catching that deflected ball on his back. On the ensuing play Lynch was tackled and I’m screaming for Belichick to call a time-out, because I know that the ‘Hawks will scoree. Nothing comes from Belichik. He’s acting like a deer caught in […]

Super Bowl Sunday 2015

It’s Sunday Bowl Sunday and the New England Patriots are playing last year’s champions for the 2015 NFL title. Seattle’s Legion of Boom have promised to shut down the Pats’ stellar tight end, Le Gronk, and punished any receivers daring to cross their paths on the other side of the scrimmage line. The ‘Hawks coach […]

Tom Brady Is So Cool

In the Teddy Bruschi home game shirt which I found thrown out on South Oxford Street a year ago. Freshly laundered. Yesterday with the Patriots down two TDs against the Ravens I broke tradition and phoned a friend. This potentially dangerous breach of the superstition code paid off big time and the Patriots won against […]

COLD AS IT GETS by Peter Nolan Smith

Mount Washington was far from the tallest mountain on the face of the Earth, however the summit observatory had recorded the strongest wind ever measured on the planet at 231 mph or 372 km/hr. Winter temperatures on Agiocochook, or “Home of the Great Spirit” regularly dropped as low as -50F. Death from hypothermia can occur […]