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Stags Shagging in Season

Putney was not exactly the center of London, but I chose to stay with Sara. We were the best of friends. Dawn came early at her house. Every morning the record executive walked her sweet little dog, Maysie, in Richmond Park. I was a stranger to the Royal Park, the largest in London, and was […]

Autumn Stonehenge

Written 2010 The ancient Druids studied the movements of the Cosmos for millenia before the construction of Stonehenge. The earliest potholes date back to 8000 BC. The designs were laid out to measure the passage of the Sun, but not by the Druids or Picts. A Neolithic people lost to history save in legends. Two […]

Goodbye Summer August 19, 2023

August 19, 2023 This evening in Fort Greene Park the trees changed color from summer green to end of summer green. The sun set earlier than yesterday a sliver moon follows it west to a horizon Beyond Brooklyn’s skyline BBQs burn along Myrtle Avenue Not as many as last weekend. the leaves turn black in […]

Emily Dickinson Antithesis – I’M FUCKED – ARE YOU FUCKED TOO

I’m fucked. Who are you? Are you fucked too? Then there’s a pair of us. Don’t tell them. They are not us. They’d snitch us out – You know. How dreay to no be fucked! How dreary as a frog. To live as an alias to please them All summer long To an admiring bog.

July 20, 1978 – Provincetown – Journal Entry

Provincetown is packed with cruising homos and hippies retired from the world. P-Town is the end of the world. Thankfully beyond the end of US6 and a ferry ride away from Boston. Ann suffers from motion sickness after a morning session of sit-ups and yoga. I feel free her, fresh sea air, a morning fuck, […]