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THE EVERGLADES: RIVER OF GRASS by Marjory Stoneman Douglas

The Everglades: River of Grass by Marjory Stoneman Douglas was published the same year as the formal opening of Everglades National Park. Her writing began as a small article on the Miami River. “About an inch long,” she supposedly said of the piece. Her book The River of Grass covered the historical and natural aspects […]

Better Late Than Never

Merry Christmas Comrades I’m even capitalizing the C to maintain the spiritual peace even though the Christians sold the holiday from the distant Druids of Stonehenge. Meán Geimhridh was celebrated in the Bronze Age. The rituals from over five thousand years ago have been lost for ages, however every December the sun signals the winter […]

Pagan Winter Solstice

Nine years ago I woke at 3:33 am and I remembered reading in the New York Times that there would be a lunar eclipse. The first to occur on the winter solstice in over 400 years. I looked out the window and saw the shadowed moon. A sliver of silver atop the Earth?s satellite. I […]

USA # 3 in Climate Change Denial

This week Venice has been flooded by historic high tides three times. St. Mark’s Plaza has been deluged by the Adriatic Sea. Tourists had fled the city, as the Lido flood gates fail to hold back the water. The citizens of La Serenissima’s 118 islands have struggled to find higher ground on the Po Delta. […]

Cockroach Holocaust

My old house on Moo 9 in Pattaya had all kinds of birds, butterflies, snakes, and insects. My East Village apartment only had mice and cockroaches. The latter badly infested the tenement flat in 1995 like Israelis taking over Palestine. The management sprayed my place and the old Puerto Rican lady’s apartment with a deadly […]