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Cockroach Holocaust

My old house on Moo 9 in Pattaya had all kinds of birds, butterflies, snakes, and insects. My East Village apartment only had mice and cockroaches. The latter badly infested the tenement flat in 1995 like Israelis taking over Palestine. The management sprayed my place and the old Puerto Rican lady’s apartment with a deadly […]

92 in New York’s Indian Summer 2019

My last few days were spent in Hudson New York, renovating an artist studio. At first the weather ran seasonably cool and I cursed myself for not bringing a hoodie or anything else warm, however by Tuesday the temperatures crawled up into the 70s and today I walked out of the Warren Street building into […]

The Last Tree in the World

The right have long suspected Global Warming as a propaganda device foisted on the masses to prevent them from riding SUVs, but these millions of fat people sweat too much, which is the main cause for the temperature rise. I’m also overweight, although most of it is beer bloat. If you are not part of […]

Autumn Stonehenge

The ancient Druids studied the movements of the Cosmos for millenia before the construction of Stonehenge. The earliest potholes date back to 8000 BC. The designs were laid out to measure the passage of the Sun. Two days ago the sun shone between the two autumn stones as it had thousands of times marking the […]

Bridges On The Hudson

The Kaaterskil Creek flows east out of the Catskill Mountains into the Hudson. The creek has existed since the Ice Age. The primordial Glacial Shield destroyed the mountains. Granite tops their ruined peaks. A land of wonder. In the 1840s Thomas Cole immortalized the view of the mountain ridges from his veranda in Catskill. The […]