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Winter’s Hold

This winter New York’s first snow was a light dusting on November 12, 2013. Two days ago I woke to a white blanket on the backyard below the Fort Greene Observatory. There wasn’t much of an accumulation, however this evening I walked out onto South Oxford Street and muttered, “Damn winter.” The hard season won’t [...]

Spring Equinox 2014

Yesterday was the spring equinox, which occurs when the plane of the equator passes the center of the Sun. The day was as long as the night, as the Earth’s axis leans toward the sun. It has been a long winter in New York and at one point in the winter International Falls, Minnesota was [...]

The Longest Night

Stonehenge has endured time. This morning the sun rose in the east. Light passed through the massive portals to cast a path marking the winter solstice. Beer and mead were ready for drinking after the season of fermentation. Both served as food through the winter. I have always called the holy day Beermas. I celebrated [...]

Pagan Winter Solstice

This coming Saturday will be the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year. On December 21th I will wake at dawn and climb onto the roof of the Fort Green Observatory to bathe in the distant sun’s light. The frost on my skin will the only human sacrifice within sight. After 30 seconds I [...]

Big Big Big

Scary as heck. There be dragons. And man will ride them. Surfer Garrett McNamara catches what could be the largest wave ever surfed, off the coast of Nazare, Portugal, on Jan. 29. The estimated 100-foot wave, if confirmed, would beat the current world record of 78 feet, which McNamara has held since 2011. According to [...]