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Drunken Beach Tans

Few better tans than the drunken beach tan. Scarlet flesh. Parboiled by the sun. And I know its lash. Fire Island. 1997. Only for an hour. Ouch.

Spring Equinox 2016

Last year was a fierce winter. Snow came early and the cold stayed late. On several occasions I exited from the Fort Greene Observatory in my ski gear, which was good for -20 Fahrenheit. This winter New Yorkers prepared for the worst, but we were spared the last year’s harshness. Only one real blizzard and […]

Moby WTF

Several Palm Sundays ago I woke with an urge to see the ocean. It was a sunny day. The Hamptons were too far away for a day trip, however Rockaway Beach was close. When I told my roommate about the excursion, Vladmar laughed at me, “Rockaway Beach not ocean. It is song from Ramones.” “It’s […]

Caveman Love

There is no proof of cavemen ie Neanderthals or Cromagnons dragging women by their hair. No Neolithic paintings support this fallacy. But the Rape of the Sabine? That’s a legend based on factual hearsay.

Rhododendrons Of Nepal

In the late winter of 1968 I won a rhododendron bush from my sisters’ high school south of Boston. I didn’t think much of the prize. My father planted the bush by the driveway. A month later light purple flowers burst from the branches. The neighborhood girls admired the rhodedendron’s scintillating beauty and I proudly […]