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The Longest Day Of The Year

37,000 people gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate the dawn of the longest day of the year. Police arrested a number of people for reefer, which the BBC referred to as ‘drugs’. I stood on my roof at dusk. Naked to the sun. No one else joined me, which is a good thing. Getting arrested for […]

Burning California

Throughout the 20th Century California symbolized paradise to most Americans and millions of people from the rust Belt and Deep South and Dust Bowl deserted their hometowns to populate the Pacific state. Towns became cities and cities spread into the mountains as well as up the coast with a foreseeable cost. Gone are the Los […]

Smoldering Forests

Several years ago my ex-wife, my daughter, dog and I toured the River Kwai. The mountains were featherded by plumes of smoke from where farmers were burning the slopes to cut back vegetation for fruit orchards. When I mentioned this violation to the rangers at the forestry station, they shrugged with ineffectiveness. “Mai mi alai samlat yut fi mai.” […]

THE HOLE OF HEAVEN by Peter Nolan Smith

According to the Old Testament God banished Adam and Eve from Eden for eating apples and their Original Sin condemned future generations to this mortal coil, however humans have defied this divine decree with repeated attempts to recreate Heaven on Earth. Most of these utopias have been short-lived, because nothing irked true believers more than […]

Winter’s Hold

This winter New York’s first snow was a light dusting on November 12, 2013. Two days ago I woke to a white blanket on the backyard below the Fort Greene Observatory. There wasn’t much of an accumulation, however this evening I walked out onto South Oxford Street and muttered, “Damn winter.” The hard season won’t […]