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Jesse Winchester RIP

Back in 1970 I found an LP by a folksinger named Jesse Winchester. I loved this LP, especially the songs YANKEE LADY, SNOW, and THE BRAND NEW TENNESSEE WALTZ. Jesse Winchester never played in Boston or Cambridge or anyplace in the USA, since he had fled the USA to avoid the Draft in 1967 after [...]

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS Aquarium During my trip to 2009 trip to Russia I was lucky enough to Seve Gakkel, the celloist of the famous Soviet era band Aquarium. The band dated back to 1972, when Boris Grebenshchikov and Anatoly Gunitsky joined forces with several musicians to play art at Leningrad restaurant. The KGB hated rock, but somehow the [...]

Luk Thung Garage Funk

Modern Thai music is dominated by Pop bands churning out hits, however a purer form of music is Pleng Luk Thong or ‘music from the children of the fields’. The folk songs telling the stories of the poor became popular in the first half of the 20th Century and blossomed in the 1960s with the [...]

KICK OUT THE JAMS by Peter Nolan Smith

In the fall of 1969 my all-boys parochial school entered a chocolate-selling competition to compete with the other Catholic educational institutions in Boston. The top prize for most sales of the city-wide contest was a concert by a band from Elektra Records. Rumors abounded that the band on offer was The Doors. LIGHT MY FIRE [...]

MC5 A True Testimonial Sixties Detroit Rock

The history of the one and only MC5. The greatest rock band of all time. To see the documentary MC5 A True Testimonial Sixties Detroit Rock, please go to the following URL