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COLD TURKEY john lennon

I like nothing better than left-over turkey for a post-thanksgiving jolt of big bird coma, then John Lennon says it best in COLD TURKEY To view his holiday gem, please go to the following URL

WINTER IN AMERICA by Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron was born three years before me in 1949 The late Chicago-born poet/musician never had a hit, but his line ‘the revolution will not be televised’ survived in my memory and that of Keith Raywood who put WINTER IN AMERICA on his Facebook home page, proving that website is not 100% devoted to old […]


The Fleet in the Dardanelles. April 25, 1915. The British Empire versus The Ottoman Empire. Bloody disaster for Ireland. Only one Dubliner officer survived the landing, while of the 1,012 Dubliners who landed, just 11 survived the Gallipoli campaign unscathed. And the Anzac fared no better. Fucking tea bags. Peace. No more wars. Only fistfights. […]

SEASON OF THE WITCH / Julie Driscoll and Trinity

The Death Of Disco

Punks prayed for the death of disco in the 1970s. Few were ready for Blondie’s dive into the dance genre with HEART OF GLASS and RAP-TURE. Disco thrived into the 80s. Rap attempted to assassinate disco only to become another sub-species of the zombie dance music. Michael Jackson’s THRILLER LP sold 65 million copies, beating […]