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She Got Me There – Six Degrees West

Here’s a great tune by Six Degrees West out of Kansas City. My old friend Ray Santos is on drums. To hear SHE GOT ME THERE by Six Degrees West, please go to the following URL


In a time of unending war there is only one path to freedom. Get Together. To hear this song by the Youngbloods, please go to the following URL And while we’re at it GET TOGETHER by the Youngbloods PEACE TRAIN by Cat Stevens And not to mention IMAGINE by John Lennon.


Steely Dan recorded AJA from January to July in 1976. THE MAKING OF AJA is a 1999 film of the studio sessions in LA and New York. The interviews with Walter Becker, Donald Fagen, and the score of studio musicians are priceless insights into one of the best produced LPs of all time. This evening […]

My Wet Dreams / Soko

PAUL IST TOT by Feldfarben

Today is Paul McCartney’s birthday. PAUL IST TOT by Feldfarben has nothing to do with the Beatles’ bass player. But I love the post-punk apocalyptical tune. It’s certainly better than HEY JUDE. Fehlfarben – Paul Ist Tot lyrics (English translation) Ich schau mich um und seh’ nur Ruinen, EN: I look around me and see […]