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SEASON OF THE WITCH / Julie Driscoll and Trinity

The Death Of Disco

Punks prayed for the death of disco in the 1970s. Few were ready for Blondie’s dive into the dance genre with HEART OF GLASS and RAP-TURE. Disco thrived into the 80s. Rap attempted to assassinate disco only to become another sub-species of the zombie dance music. Michael Jackson’s THRILLER LP sold 65 million copies, beating […]

Yesterday’s Children – Hunter’s Moon


Dave Van Ronk was a growling folk singer, who benignly dominated Greenwich Village in the 60s. He mostly played the East Coast due to his refusal to fly. His mode of travel was buses, trains, or a car driven by a young girlfriend. His bearish body hid a gentle heart, which he revealed any time […]

HANG ON SLOOPY by David Porter

In my life I’ve known Sandie, Samantha, Suzanne, Sara, but never a Sloopy. Doctor Nick and I went to college with a girl whose name sounded by Sloopy. The slight brunette came from brunette. She was a studying nursing, but danced weekends at the Two O’Clock Lounge in the Combat Zone to pay for school. […]