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The Beauty of FREEBIRD

My youngest brother’s health suffered a precipitous decline in 1995. The experimental drugs had failed to stem Michael’s ruthless aliment’s advances. I received a telephone call from my older brother in Boston. I was running a nightclub in Beverly Hills. He told me the bad news. The next day I was on a plane to […]


In winter of 1969 I went skiing in North Conway with a bunch of people. We hit Wildcat hard. The coolest girl and I listened to IN DA GADDA VIDA in my bedroom. Her name was Susan. She smoked weed. I was straight. At the end of the song she said, “I leaving for San […]

The Death Of Disco

Punks prayed for the death of disco in the 1970s. Few were ready for Blondie’s dive into the dance genre with HEART OF GLASS and RAPTURE. Disco thrived into the 80s. Rap attempted to assassinate disco only to become another sub-species of the zombie dance music. Michael Jackson’s THRILLER LP sold 65 million copies, beating […]


A blizzard struck Manhattan on February 4, 1978. The snowstorm closed the city within the first hours. The streets became impassable for cars soon afterwards, as 100 mph winds buried the sidewalks under 5-foot drifts. My hillbilly girlfriend and I were trapped in our East Village apartment for days. The gas stove’s four burners prevented […]


During my trip to 2009 trip to Russia I was lucky enough to encounter Seve Gakkel, the cellist of the famous Soviet era band Aquarium. The band dated back to 1972, when Boris Grebenshchikov and Anatoly Gunitsky joined forces with several musicians to play art rock at a Leningrad restaurant. The KGB hated the music, […]