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Over The Burma Border

2002 Fifteen miles into Burma Hot Dry Dusty An illegal entry On a 250cc ATX Honda. Stop at a A Lao village On a nameless dirt road Surrounded by eternal opium fields. Children gawking at the falang An old white man in black Two men with AK47s. Watch From a bar. Thinking DEA. Two beers […]

Ride Demmi Ride

thirty-seven years since I rode my old 1964 Triumph. when I hit 3rd gear my eyes filled with tears. Fourth gear the wind cleared my eyes. Ride Demmi Ride

August 3, 1994 – East Village – Journal Entry – Dmitri Turin

When I caught a ride with my sister Pam to attend Debbie Greer’s funeral, I didn’t tell anyone where I was going. After the service we went to her house. Her husband, an Army artillery major, was rightly distraught as was my sister-in-law and her family and friends and CIA co-workers. Her boss, the CIA […]

April 1, 1980 Journal Entry East Village

April 1 Frank’s Birthday April Fool’s Day 1979 Yesterday Michael Selbach and I felt the urge for a short trip up the Hudson on his Kawasaki motorcycle. The day was sunny and I wanted to speak to him. I dressed in white denims; jacket and jeans and rode the subway up to Times Square. The […]

AROUND THE WORLD – Anne-France Dautheville

In the 1990s I drove motorcyles across Bali, Java, Sumatra, Malaysia, Thailand, and India. Once I straddleed a 250 ATX Honda above Chiang Mai. A dirt road led west into the maze of dragon-backed ridges. Somewhere to the west lay Tibet. There was gas in the tank, however entering the Golden Triangle was dangerous for […]