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DUST THEN MUD by Peter Nolan Smith

Bangkok was a different city in 1990. Shady trees lined the sois. The klongs led to the Chao Phyra River. Barges transported rice from up-country. After a short stay at the Malaysia Hotel I was ready to head north to Chiang Mai. I booked a 2nd Class AC sleeper at Hualamphong Station. The train pulled […]

A HERO OF THE ROAD by Peter Nolan Smith

CHAPTER 1 A lice infestation swept through southern Maine in the winter of 1958 and every school district mandated crew cuts for all the boys without explaining why girls were exempt from this edict. Every Sunday night my father sheared his sons’ scalps to the bone with electric clippers and once we passed my mother’s […]

Rev 6000 RPM To The Finish

The Vortex Sculptor/Biker posted this long-forgotten moment. Peter N Smith, battling a massive hangover, on his way to a podium finish. Turn 6, Laguna Seca, Open Production Class 1978, on the Racecrafters Kawasaki borrowed from Dave Aldana. An awesome performance. He arrived late to the track, stole a set of leathers from somebody named Ron, […]

Danny Lyons @ Whitney Museum NYC

Photographer Danny Lyon has been taking photos of bikers, criminals, protestors, rioters and various other socially challenged groups. New York’s Whitney Museum will be displaying his work in a retrospective titled Danny Lyon: Message to the Future, which opens on 17 June and runs until 25 September. That show is one I will not miss. […]

Greatest of the Great

On my birthday several friends and I were having a conversation about the greatest athlete of our lifetime at Frank’s Lounge. We were all in our 50s. Larry had seen Ali, Homer claimed for Magic Johnson, AP proposed Andre the Giant, then I said, “Evel Knievel.” “No way.” Larry shook his head. AP and Homer […]