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Muhammad Ali faced the champion Joe Frazier in the Fight of the Century on March 8, 1971 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. Ringside seats cost $150 and each boxer was guaranteed $2.5 million. Big money in 1971. Big money now many places in the world. The bettors were favoring Ali […]

Flutter Like A Butterfly

Muhammad Ali was undeniably the greatest boxer of the 20th Century. The heavyweight regarded his Manila match with Joe Frazier as ‘the closest thing to death’ as his greatest fight and his recapturing the title against George Foreman in Zaire as his greatest upset. These boxers sacrificed their body and soul during these combats and […]

Ali Versus Stevenson

Fight promoters were dying to match Muhammad Ali versus the undefeated Cuban heavyweight Teofilo Stevenson. Many boxing pundits wrote that Stevenson could last fifteen rounds with Ali, but judging from his reach Teofilo wouldn’t have needed fifteen rounds. Longer arms. Taller. Better shape. All action. No talk. But Ali had an edge, Something one can […]

Black and White TV From Havana

Key West marks the southern terminus of US 1. I spend several weeks there in 1980 and stayed in a small hotel off Duval Street. TV reception for the Miami stations was weak, however the signals from Havana came in crisp and clear. Most of the programming served Socialism in Spanish, however one station broadcast […]

Bruce Lee – Flow Like Water

To hear a great song about Bruce Lee’s BE LIKE WATER, please go to this URL