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HillBilly Ranch Bar Boston

As you get old you forget. as you get older, you are forgotten – anon I know that I didn’t come up with that quote, because I haven’t really forget everything yet and the other day I was reminiscing about Lost Boston with a few old-timers at the bar of Jacob Wirth’s. “Remember when they […]


Prince’s first show was at the Minneapolis’ Capri Theater on January 5, 1979. Throughout his long career the rock star performed his music at 1,332 concerts. I was lucky enough to catch his Palladium gig in December 1981. Richie Boy, my coke connection, and I was walking down West 14th Street and the concert hall’s […]

Caveman Love

There is no proof of cavemen ie Neanderthals or Cromagnons dragging women by their hair. No Neolithic paintings support this fallacy. But the Rape of the Sabine? That’s a legend based on factual hearsay.

Valentine Globalization

Valentine’s Day has become a global holiday, although few people know the exact origins of why hearts are sent to loved ones. The tradition has been mainly attributed to a Roman priest Valentine who performed Christian marriages against the wishes of the Roman Emperor. According to Wikipedia Emperor Claudius took a liking to this prisoner […]

David Bowie RIP

A visitor from another world. See you in the Stars, Major Tom. To hear SPACE ODDITY please go to this URL