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Prince’s first show was at the Minneapolis’ Capri Theater on January 5, 1979. Throughout his long career the rock star performed his music at 1,332 concerts. I was lucky enough to catch his Palladium gig in December 1981. Richie Boy, my coke connection, and I was walking down West 14th Street and the concert hall’s […]

Caveman Love

There is no proof of cavemen ie Neanderthals or Cromagnons dragging women by their hair. No Neolithic paintings support this fallacy. But the Rape of the Sabine? That’s a legend based on factual hearsay.

Valentine Globalization

Valentine’s Day has become a global holiday, although few people know the exact origins of why hearts are sent to loved ones. The tradition has been mainly attributed to a Roman priest Valentine who performed Christian marriages against the wishes of the Roman Emperor. According to Wikipedia Emperor Claudius took a liking to this prisoner […]

David Bowie RIP

A visitor from another world. See you in the Stars, Major Tom. To hear SPACE ODDITY please go to this URL

Bowie and Cher 1975

David Bowie’s career has seen ups and downs. The worst period was in the early 70s. The English glam rocker succumbed to heroin. His best friend was Iggy. Money went faster than it came and his financial commitments required his appearing on the CHER SHOW. Their duet covered YOUNG AMERICANS and several pop classics. Their […]