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273.5 Pounds Over And Under – Fulton County Jail

I’ve been arrested in Newton, Mass. for a high speed chase in the VW Hatchback, Delaware for hitchhiking, New York City charged with illegally operating an after-hours club, Paris after writing a love poem on the walls of the British Embassey, and Thailand accused of civil disobedience. Each time I was fingerprinted and mugshot by […]

Fuck 12

I was just at a demonstration at jay Street Metro Tech calling for the abolition of the NYPD. About 3-4000 people shouting FTP after two separate incidents of police brutality at this subway stop. End the reign of the rich. End the 12. Free the POWs of the Drug Wars. Defund the DEA. Empty the […]

Never Call The Police

This weekend in Fort Worth, Texas police responded to a 911 call about a potential break-in from a neighbor, who had seen a woman’s door ajar. The PD arrived on the scene. A rookie officer spotted a woman inside the house and capped 28 year-old Atatiana Jefferson with a 9mm. The victim was in her […]

Women Unite


Dead Sea Scrolls Online

Several years ago Israel downloaded images of the nearly 2000 year-old Dead Sea Scrolls on the Internet for scholars to study the ancient biblical text. None of the fragments mention of the contract between Yahweh and the Zionists for the 20th Century annexation of Palestine, but who knows some day maybe someone will find such […]