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50 States of Hell

Hawaii is the happiest state in America. New York ranks as the unhappiest. It is my state and I wish that I could be with my children in Thailand. Holding my son and daughter is paradise for me. Maybe I can fly to Asia in two weeks. One good sale would pay for the R/T […]

Heaven Above – Pattaya

I’ve been in America almost 10 months. The longest stay in my native land for over 20 years. In that time I’ve only visited one go-go bar, the dreadful KitKat Klub in West Palm Beach. The dancers at that dubious fleshpot sport 50 long breasts slung over their shoulders like deflated airbags. Their hairstyles dated […]

The New Mayan Apocalypse – June 21, 2020

Back in 1988 Cathy Underhill and I crossed the Yucatan Peninsula from Belize to the ancient ruins of Tikal or perhaps Yax Mutal by the original inhabitants. The Mayan city rose from the jungle in 200BC. Its temples and pyramids were unrivaled until Siyah K’ak’ or ‘the Fire Born’ led Teotihuacan troops to overthrow the […]

The End Times

Early Christians expected the return of the Man from Nazareth to Earth. Their Messiah failed to show up to save them and converts gave up on the 2nd Coming for the End Times or ‘days of vengeance’, when their persecution would be revenged by fiery angels. Revelations in the Bible forecast the horrors of the […]

Loss Of Smell and Taste Symptoms – Covid 19

Your sense of smell is closely tied to your sense of taste. The human nose has 10cm squared, while dogs possess 170cm squared. Back in the 20th Century Doctor Joyce Brothers theorized that human survival depended more on our smelling bad and tasting worse than intelligence, but not all of us smell the same. I’ve […]