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Unschlocking the Schlong

WRITTEN 6/26/12 German courts have banned circumcision of older boys on the grounds that the traditional cutting off of the male foreskin causes the child bodily harm. In babies the healing process takes up to 10 days, but for older boys the scar will remain for months. Jews and Muslims angrily protested such a judgment […]

The New Mayan Apocalypse – June 21, 2020

Back in 1988 Cathy Underhill and I crossed the Yucatan Peninsula from Belize to the ancient ruins of Tikal or perhaps Yax Mutal by the original inhabitants. The Mayan city rose from the jungle in 200BC. Its temples and pyramids were unrivaled until Siyah K’ak or ‘the Fire Born’ led Teotihuacan troops to overthrow the […]

Palm Beach Palm Sunday 2008

In April 2008 I lived nowhere. My apartment in the East Village had been taken over by the faceless management company. I lived with my wife and daughter in Pattaya until this April. We had good times and bad times. It was home, then again I considered anyplace home once you buy a roll of […]


OH LUCKY MAN Seven come eleven Praying bones shaking in your hands Seven come eleven Come out and party in the garden Roll on the green of luck Seven come eleven Never boxcars Twelve apostles is as bad As snake-eyes Always whisper its name Bad luck loves a loser Loaded dice too I only throw […]

50 States of Hell

Hawaii is the happiest state in America. New York ranks as the unhappiest. It is my state and I wish that I could be with my children in Thailand. Holding my son and daughter is paradise for me. Maybe I can fly to Asia in two weeks. One good sale would pay for the R/T […]