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Rent-Free Hell 2016

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and on the C train between Hoyt-Schemmerhorn and Lafayette Street a young man was preaching about the wrath of his lord. “God loves his flock, but hates a sinner. All you sinners will have a special place of torment in Hell.” He glared about the subway car like Josef Mengele, the […]

Heaven and Hell 1999

Hell and Heaven are the same place. And it is also possible to die in the next world, for it has boundaries unlike this universe. Mysteries are not solve and the body can deteriorate over time, which flows in giant spirits in the blink of an eye. You can experience every second or miss thirty […]

Heaven Above – Pattaya

2009. I’ve been in America almost ten months. The longest stay in my native land for over twenty years. In that time I have only visited one go-go bar, the dreadful KitKat Klub in West Palm Beach. The dancers at that dubious fleshpot sport 50-long breasts slung over their shoulders like deflated airbags. Their hairstyles […]

Unschlocking the Schlong

WRITTEN 6/26/12 German courts have banned circumcision of older boys on the grounds that the traditional cutting off of the male foreskin causes the child bodily harm. In babies the healing process takes up to 10 days, but for older boys the scar will remain for months. Jews and Muslims angrily protested such a judgment […]

The New Mayan Apocalypse – June 21, 2020

Back in 1988 Cathy Underhill and I crossed the Yucatan Peninsula from Belize to the ancient ruins of Tikal or perhaps Yax Mutal by the original inhabitants. The Mayan city rose from the jungle in 200BC. Its temples and pyramids were unrivaled until Siyah K’ak or ‘the Fire Born’ led Teotihuacan troops to overthrow the […]