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LUCKY IN LOVE by Peter Nolan Smith

The dawn sun burned misty shadows off the mountains and a stark brightness seared through my eyelids, as I rose from my sleeping bag to drink in the austere surroundings. Flatness stretched forever. A hissing wind pelleted my face with ancient brine. The salt lay five feet deep this far from the lake. A quick […]

Bummed By The Sopranos

Last month AP my landlord informed me that I could watch HBO on my iPad. “What would you suggest?” I hadn’t watched American TV in ten years. “A good place to start would be THE SOPRANOS.” The cable series about a New Jersey mafia family had been a success for HBO. Wikipedia called it the […]

Thai Police Dthok Jai

Last week the Thai internet was flooded by photos of naked women rolling dice in what appeared to be a Thai casino. No one knows where this paradise of earth is, but the Thai police are searching for the guilty with their usual diligence. In the meanwhile Bangkok Deputy PC doubted in the photos were […]

“Shocked” / CASABLANCA


The 2003 movie THE COOLER tells the story of an indebted Las vegas dealer whose only skill is to cool a gambler’s winning streak. Anytime I’ve been lucky at the tables, the house has pulled the losing dealer for a replacement dealer. The house always wins, but gamblers are a suspicious lot and here are […]