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Cat Eats Dogfish

Another Alien GOP Member

Florida’s governor Rick Scott has recently called for the drug-testing of welfare recipients, forcing parents found with traces of marijuana, cocaine, or heroin off the dole. Scott said on CNN, “Studies show that people that are on welfare are higher users of drugs than people not on welfare and the bottom line is, if they’re […]

National Hate Florida Day

Icy rain in New York. 12 inches of snow predicted for Boston. The northern tier of the USA is gripped by winter. Only one state in the Lower 48 offers any relief. Florida. Wish I was there. Key West. Nowhere warmer than the end of US 1.

Swat Signs Of Paranoia

My good friend from Palm Beach woke this morning to a military police invasion. “A convoy of fire trucks, police and EMTs came racing by my house and stopped by the beach access. A dozen or more heavily suited and oxygen equipped men trudged down the jungle path to a sweltering and empty beach. Thinking […]

OFF-SEASON by Peter Nolan Smith

In late-April of 2008 I left Thailand after a ten-year stay. My family accompanied to the sprawling Bangkok airport. happy tourists were heading home from vacations. I kissed my children good-bye and hid the tears by burying my head in Mam’s neck. My dog howled, as I got on the airport bus. Mam’s belly was […]