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Florida Postcard 2/28/78

This is a postcard from Florida dated Feb 28,1978. Hilde was on a road trip with her extended family; four of her younger siblings, two step siblings, two dogs, her mother Kate and Joe All in a van. My friend Andy was living at the family’s Brookline compound with Hilde’s older sister, Therese. He can’t […]

Florida Drifter – January 1975 – Journal Entry

1975 Winter Night A Palm Beach golf course The 17th green Shadows of palm trees Against a starry balmy night. I spread out a sheet I fall asleep Rain wakes me Not rain Green sprinklers To the west night To the east dawn Flamingoes surrounded me Not plastic Pink flamingoes Laugh Hot swampy morning Florida […]

BURNT ORANGE HERESY by Charles Willieford

I could have taken State Road Seven straight away by picking it up west of West Palm Beach, but because the old two-lane highway was used primarily by truck traffic barreling for Miami’s back door, into Hialeah, I stayed on U.S. 1 all the way to Boynton Beach before searching for a through road to […]

April 27, 1981 – NYC – Key West – NYC – Journal Entry

A cab ride from the Mudd Club to the Holland Tunnel. A warming from a Transit Cop. A ride to the Vince Lombardi res stop in New Jersey A ride from a trucker to another truck stop. It starts to snow. A ride to a shitty exit. A ride to a shittier exit. The snow […]

April 26, 1981 – Key West – Journal Entry

Last night in Key West. Hiram and I go to a gay disco. We snort coke, drink to excess, dance, huff poppers with abandon. No one asks me to go to the toilet for a blowjob. Their radar tells them I’m off-limits, but they relentlessly hit on Hiram. He’s a move star after all and […]