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Bring on the Revolution – 2011

Last week I went out to eat with my nephews and their parents at a Mexican restaurant on Okochobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach. The conversation gravitated to sports; baseball for Trey, golf for Reese, and basketball for their father and me. Their mother was happy to be left in peace. After dinner we stepped […]


VI Sunny Isles belonged to Miami Beach, but the beach strip wasn’t South Beach with big hotels serving rich tourists with a view of the Gulf Stream. Budget hotels blocked the beach view and once off the strip the swamps ran west to the Everglades. The snowbirds’ exodus began before the Spring Break and hit […]

Key West Light – April 1981

A few palm trees in sight Wavering in the Key West light. High noon on Key West Even in the shade The blinding brightness All horizons so close Key West. No sailor fears the edge of the world I know no fear I stand on Key West. 95 miles from Cuba. Swim out South from […]

Florida Drifter – January 1975 – Journal Entry

 Past midnight
 A Palm Beach golf course
 The 17th green
 Palm trees silhouettes Against a starry balmy night.
 I fall asleep. On a sheet On the green grass. Before dawn
 Rain drops
 Not rain
 Green sprinklers
 To the west night
 To the east the sun
 Flamingoes surrounded the green
 Pink flamingoes A hot swampy […]

Heaven or Hell

Two old men are living in Miami Beach. Their hotel is undergoing renovations. The entire neighborhood has been transformed by young trendies. Izzy and Moishe sit on the terrace of the Breezemore Hotel and watch the parade of millenials. They are feeling their age and Izzy says, “You know Moishe, we’ve had a good life, […]