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Detroit Overdue

This afternoon I passed the Roosevelt Hotel on my way to the Oyster Bar. Several protestor were gathered before the entrance and a larger contingent of police were surveilling the situation. The group were passing out leaflets against the bankruptcy of Detroit. The city’s creditors are trying to collect 100% on the $18 billion plan [...]

Work For Less

A friend of mine works at an editor for Harper Collins in the UK. Her division has suffered another downsizing, despite the book publishers reporting a 33% increase in the last quarter in 2013. More earnings means less workers and less books. One day no one will be working anywhere. I’m not working today, so [...]

Detroit Is Not Fucked

The GTO was the ultimate Detroit muscle-car. GM had banned sponsored racing, so John deLorean focused on a V8 street monster with a 389 cubic inch displacement to compete with Ford’s Mustang. GM’s production leader saw ‘the Goat’ as a loss and never allowed more than 5000 manufactured per year. Narrow-minded decision such as this [...]


World leaders are increasingly concerned about the collapse of the global economy. No one has an answer to the global dilemma, mostly because the problems multiply every day. I personally have been looking to the sky for our redemption. Not in the form of angels blowing clarion horns, but UFOs piloted by ETs looking to [...]

Wild Wild Wild

Things will get out of hand on . Imagine the freedom. No debts. No old worries. Only the new. International Write-Off Day 4/1/2013