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Merry Stiffmas

In December of 2009 the jewelers on 47th Street were counting on a big buying spree to recoup from the Great Recession, however the nation’s zombie economy had exiled the masses from luxury purchases gold and diamonds. Only the rich had money and Richie Boy had more than his share of the upper class. One […]

Ghost Road To Sri Racha

Back in the good old days coal miners carried canaries in a cage down into the mines, since lethal gases killed the canaries before humans. The allusion ‘canaries in a cage’ has been assigned to political, natural, and economic threats to our existence. Five nights ago I arrived at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport a little past […]

The Irresponsibility Of Americans

THE HILL published an opinion piece by the under-30 Libertarian writer Kristin Tate, in which she accuses the middle class and poor of living beyond their means. It is true that 70% of Americans have $1000 or less in their savings and most households live HTM or ‘Hand to Mouth’ from paycheck to paycheck, despite […]

6 Baht in the Bank

When I first toured the Orient, friends and family asked, “Are you scared of someone robbing you?” “I live in the East Village.” The neighborhood welcome wagon in 1977 had been Hakkim and his junkie friends cleaning out our apartment. “I’ll be careful.” Truthfully the greater danger was my losing something.

Two Weeks And Counting

The US Federal Government shut down has entered its third week. Parks and Federal offices have been closed, over 380,000 federal employees have been furloughed and more than 420,000, such as the TSA and the Coast Guard are working without pay because Congress and the White House have not funded their agencies due to Trump’s […]