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International Write-Off Day – 2024

During his 2020 presidential campaign Joe Biden promised to address the massive college debt of millions of graduates and non-graduates paying from 4-8% on the loans. Once elected he proposed a debt relief. THe GOP rejected this measure mostly protesting that not everyone had to go to college and debts had to be paid, except […]

Palin-Obama Timeline

Sara Palin has captured the hearts of ordinary American women. She’s feisty as a rabid chipmunk and her hairstyle has become the must-have from west of the Hudson to East of the Sierra Madre. She truly is Mrs. Fly-over despite her hailing from the Polar State Alaska. Polls have her likability factor soaring over the […]

Pepper and Salt

Bob Culp and Bill Cosby in I SPY. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson singing SALT AND PEPPER. Now the Democratic Party has offered the voters the first black/white ticket in the history of America, as Obama selects Joe Biden for his running mate in the November election. Personally I was pulling for Bill Richardson, but […]