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A Long Lost Letter of The Wall

In the Autumn of 1997 Ty Spaulding and I resided in a roughly renovated schoolhouse west of Galway. The Atlantic Ocean was a five-minute walk away. The waves pounded the shore. Summer was gone for good. We were surrounded by rain-swept bogs, fog-wreathed mountains, and the damp beneath our feet. Fall was the season of […]

Summer Solstice 2020

Yesterday was the official summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The day lasted almost sixteen hours in New York and the sun never set in Murmansk, Russia. I woke well before the dawn and went to sleep far past sunset, as the Earth polar cap tipped toward the nearest star 93 million miles away from […]

Thanksgiving 1978 From My Journal

Thanksgiving 1978 was spent at our Easts Village apartment; Ann, Kim, Bobbie, Andy Reese, and Grant. I ended up dropping LSD with Bill Yusk. The first hit was weak and I dropped another tab. Still nothing and I drank wine with Ann and Kim. Two hours later I was drunk and the LSD hit hard. […]


Many of expat westerners live in the Orient without fully understanding the spirituality of the East. We are trapped by the Ten Commandments or our own preconceived notions of life. All humans might have to pull down their pants to go the bathroom, but few farangs will stand on the toilet seat to take a […]

Peg Leg Bates

Clayton “Peg Leg” Bates lost a leg at the age of 12 in a cotton gin accident and learned how to tap dance thanks to getting a peg leg provided by his uncle. The other day someone in the diamond exchange mentioned having seen the famed tap dancer in the Borscht Belt. “Everyone went to […]