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Thanksgiving 1978 From My Journal

Thanksgiving 1978 was spent at our Easts Village apartment; Ann, Kim, Bobbie, Andy Reese, and Grant. I ended up dropping LSD with Bill Yusk. The first hit was weak and I dropped another tab. Still nothing and I drank wine with Ann and Kim. Two hours later I was drunk and the LSD hit hard. […]

Wanted In Thirty-eight States

Coming back from midtown Subway Sunday slow A Train to Brooklyn A younger older man He asks, “Are you famous?” Like Ulysees to the cyclops I say, “I am no one.” He begs to differ. “You are someone. My name is Prince. From East New York. I done twenty-five. For five murders. The po-lice shot […]

Summer Times Blues

Today was the official summer solstice for the northern hemisphere. The day lasted almost sixteen hours in New York and the sun never set in Murmansk, Russia. I woke well before the dawn and went to sleep far past sunset, as the Earth polar cap tipped toward the nearest star 93 million miles away from […]

Atheist Genesis – In the beginning there was nothing

Atheist’s Genesis – Creation

What hast you wroth?