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May Day

May Day 2015 I was sitting at my desk in the Fort Greene observatory. I knew today was an important labor holiday, but I wish that I was working and said so yesterday to my old boss from the Diamond District. “I wish I could give you a job, but there’s no business,” apologized the […]

Missing Foundation – 1933 Your House Is Mine

The East Village had been a refuge for the artistic underclass since the Beatnik era. I moved to the Lower East Side in 1976. It was unlike my native Boston and complimented by the collapsing cities around the USA and decaying neighborhoods of New York. We thought capitalist civilization was on its last legs, but […]

Demure Dumpster Diving

Recently the drummer from the Gang of Four wrote that he had taught his daughter how to shop at thrift stores. I congratulated Hugh on weaning her from gratuitous consumerism, but also warned about the possible future dangers of his daughter finding the pleasure of dumpster diving for clothing and more. It is not a […]

Getting The Fat White Men Hot

Yesterday I entered into a hissy spat fight with a right-winger on about the benefits of Obamacare. Personally I think the only future solution is Universal Health Care, but people in the USA are still frightened by the spectra of socialism and a cracker from Georgia responded to the article with the following post […]

Call the Cops – Rob Hustle ft. Bump

A previously unknown Monterey rapper Rob Hustle recorded a blistering song THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CALL THE COPS. Over a million people have viewed the video on Youtube and all money earned from the website is going to Baby Boo Boo, an infant nearly killed by the pigs when they threw a flash […]