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Proud Boy Circle Jerk

On June 6, 1944 UK, Canadian, and US troops landed on five Normandy beaches and broke through Hitler’s Atlantic Wall to liberate France and the rest of Western Europe, while another army slogged up the Italian peninsula. The American soldiers fought the Nazis thousands of times from the Battle of the Bulge and Anzio to […]

Fuck Jimmy Kimmel

The White House was designed by James Hoban in 1792 at the behest of George Washington. The Father of the Nation never resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the West Wing was split between residential rooms and working offices until William Howard Taft commissioned Nathan C. Wyeth to designed an Oval Office exuding the power […]

FDTrump’s Million MAGA Parade

I’m 68 years old. I have been to every state other than North Dakota and Kentucky, where my fther served in Lexington testing radar-directed 20 mm cannons on B-25. The casualty rate was 20-30% depending on weather. He and I have been to Florida, Virginia, New York, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and all of New […]

May Day

May Day 2015 I was sitting at my desk in the Fort Greene observatory. I knew today was an important labor holiday, but I wish that I was working and said so yesterday to my old boss from the Diamond District. “I wish I could give you a job, but there’s no business,” apologized the […]

Death To Capitalism

The government had printed $2 trillion to assist small businesses in this time of crisis. Most of the money was sent to banks, corporations, and Amazon, who recently showed Bezos’ largesse by donating $250,000 to booksellers. None of my friends running local restaurants and neighborhood stores have received a nickel from the greedy bastards in […]