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Melee de Paris et Union Square

Last week there was a melee in Union Square When Social media influencer Kai Cenat told his followers that there would be a free giveaway. Thousands of people gathered to be part of the scene. Cenat showed late. Nothing was given away. The crowd got out of control and the steroided NYPD freaked out and […]

Liberte A La France

Back in 1984 French students in Paris rebelled against the education edicts of President Mitterand’s socialist government. The protestors emptied the Sorbonne and took control of St. Germain. The police called on the CRS, the fascist SWAT squads, to deal with the manifestations blocking the Left Bank’s most traveled boulevard. Students anticipated an afternoon attack, […]

Oink Oink Sniffer Snout

Back in the 80s I exited Paris at Charles De Gaulle Aeroport. A French SWAT team had cordoned off a corridor. An unclaimed bag lay against the wall. After a minute a small pig trotted over to the bag and sniffed at the potential ‘bombe’ with its pink little snout. The pig shook its head […]