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Rudi Guiliani Positive For Madness

FTrump announced from the White House that Rudi Guiliani, his chief legal counsel, has tested positive for Covid-19. The former NYC mayor has been taken to a hospital, taking himself out of the fight to steal the 2020 Presidential election by accusing major-scale fraud by the Democrats. Trump tweetered Guiiliani, ““Get better soon Rudy, we […]

End The Endless War

United States troops have fought in Afghanistan since 2002. The Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11. Neither did Osama Bin Laden In 2003 the USA invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein. The Baathist leader might have been a piece of shit, but he almost had nothing to do with 9/11. How many Iraqis and […]

Bike Crash # 2 – 2020

The other night I rode the A Train to Brooklyn. I got off at Hoyt-Schmeerhorn. The next C train was 15 minutes away and I decided to bike the short distance to Myrtle Avenue. I climbed the stairs to ground level and set out home. Unfortunately a car swerved into the bike lane to alter […]

Rattlesnakes In Winter

Eve was seduced by a snake and ate an apple. God exiled Adam and Eve from Eden without mercy. Coming from New England I loved apples and especially my mother’s apple pie, but the Church divined that the Apple was sin. An apple, but what else was to be expected from a merciless God who […]

Death To Capitalism

The government had printed $2 trillion to assist small businesses in this time of crisis. Most of the money was sent to banks, corporations, and Amazon, who recently showed Bezos’ largesse by donating $250,000 to booksellers. $250,000 from the richest man in the world. Fuck you. None of my friends running local restaurants and neighborhood […]