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Mona Lisa Massage Bangkok

Teenage boys in the early 70s were not supposed to like Joni Mitchell, but once I loved to France in 1982, I loved the line from FREE MAN IN PARIS. “I was a free man in Paris.” My freedom remained unfettered throughout the next two decades and while living in Thailand, I changed the lyrics […]

May 13, 1991 – Bangkok – Journal Entry

Last year this time I was hiking up a river to the Langtang Glacier. The year before I was selling diamonds for the Winicks on 47th Street and in 1989 I was in New York working at Eric Beamon, planning on spending the summer in Perpignan. My passport has three entries to Paris. Why I […]

Stonehenge in Bangkok

New Englanders are relatively starved of archaeological ruins other than frost-heaved stone walls from vanished farms snaking through the woods or the smooth walls of the Quincy Quarries. Not one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was on our side of the Atlantic nor from Africa or the Far East graced list either […]

A Shabbas Goy In Bangkok

In 1991 I arrived in Thailand and visited the Rebbi of the Jewelry trade. We exchanged good wishes as I was a respected shabbas goy and he was a learned man connected to my contacts on New York’s 47th Street. “What are you thinking of doing here in Bangkok?” the old man asked with a […]

Paving Over Paradise

My first visit to Bangkok was in 1990. I stayed at the Malaysia Hotel on Soi Duplei, once the 60s haunt of the infamous backpacker murderer Charles Sobhraj. The trees were bordered by sylvan compounds and I played basketball at the military school next to the Lumpini Muay-Thai stadium. Patpong was a twenty-minute walk through […]