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Paving Over Paradise

My first visit to Bangkok was in 1990. I stayed at the Malaysia Hotel on Soi Duplei, once the 60s haunt of the infamous backpacker murderer Charles Sobhraj. The trees were bordered by sylvan compounds and I played basketball at the military school next to the Lumpini Muay-Thai stadium. Patpong was a twenty-minute walk through […]

A DELUGE OF KATHOEYS by Peter Nolan Smith

The mere mention of Bangkok’s Nana Plaza at a New York dinner table peaked the interest of men and narrowed women’s opinion of me. To the former I was a Don Juan and the latter regarded me as Gary Glitter come to life. To be honest I can’t recall ever bar fining a go-go girl […]

Stonehenge in Bangkok

New Englanders are relatively starved of archaeological ruins other than frost-heaved stone walls from vanished farms snaking through the woods or the smooth walls of the Quincy Quarries. Not one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was on our side of the Atlantic nor from Africa or the Far East graced list either […]

Kill The Poor

Economists tout Thailand as a success story of economic development with poverty levels drastically dropping over the past two decades, however the division of justice between rich and poor was sadly marked by a fatal accident in Bangkok, in which an heir to the Red Bull energy drink fortune purportedly killed a policeman with his […]

The Nana Hotel

Directly across from Bangkok’s Nana Plaza is the eternal Nana Hotel. This caravansary has been servicing the happy ending needs of travelers since the 60s. I first stayed there in 1991. Nothing much has changed in that time. Men check in with women half their age. The desk clerks smiled without asking for IDs. They […]