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The New Road To Mae Sot

The Silk Roads cut across Asia and caravans carried the riches of the Orient from China and the Spice Islands. Modern man has dreamed of connecting the new cities of Indochina to India and beyond. Now the trans-Asia Highway is inching westward from Saigon to Phnom Penh. The stretch from Siem Reap to the Thai […]

SEA LEGS by Peter Nolan Smith

Spice dominated the trade between Asia and Europe for centuries and the oriental lore of processing roots, seeds, and bark into food enhancers inspired western travelers to seek various detours around the Arab middlemen profiting from the lucrative East-West trade route. Adventurous voyagers stood to reap fortunes from their success. Failures were many. In 1493 […]

Lijiang 1995

In the summer of 1995 my younger brother, Michael, passed from this world and I voyaged around the world on my way to Tibet, where I would pray for his soul. I stayed short times in LA, Honolulu, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai. In September I flew north to Kumming and after a few days traveled […]

Trump To Taiwan

The Communist army under Mao defeated the Nationalists and on 7 December 1949 Chiang Kai-shek ordered the evacuation of his government, the gold reserves, priceless art, and his KMT army to the southern island of Taiwan. The USA and its allies recognized Taiwan as the Republic of China, however Nixon’s trips to Peking normalized diplomatic […]

BERENTI MISTAH by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1991 I bought a round-the-world ticket for $1399 from Pan Express. The owner set up a magical itinerary. “New York – LA – Hawaii – Biak – Bali – overland to Jakarta.” John was reciting the trip from memory. He sold hundreds of these tickets every year. “What do you mean ‘overland to Jakarta’?” […]