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April 17, 1975 – Bangkok calling Phnom Penh

Forty-two years ago the forces of the Khmer Rouge captured Phnom Penh. Joyous crowds greeted the jungle fighters with the hope of peace. The radio operator of the Royal Cambodian Army in Sihanoukville broadcasted a last message to his compatriot in his capitol. Lieou Phin Oum. “Goodbye sir. See you in Phnom Penh.” The Lieutenant […]

Par 4 at the Killing Fields Country Club

Ten years ago in a move destined to have the late Cambodian despot Pol Pot spinning in his grave _ if he had one _ the former Khmer Rouge cadres in their stronghold of Pailin embraced a plan to cash in on the country’s tourism boom and build a golf course. Not that they know […]

There is an old joke about Tibetan street dogs that is more than part true. Why do you need two sticks to take a shit in Tibet? One to hold onto and another to beat off the dogs. I never had occasion to relieve myself in the cities of Tibet, however more than once I […]

Hell on Earth Tibet

After my youngest brother’s demise to AIDS in 1995 I traveled to several of Asia’s most holy sites to expiate his sins. Some of mine too. My main destination was Lhasa and I spent two months there drinking beer and walking around the Jokhrang, the Tibetan cathedral to Buddhism. The Chinese presence was noticeable with […]

The New Road To Mae Sot

The Silk Roads cut across Asia and caravans carried the riches of the Orient from China and the Spice Islands. Modern man has dreamed of connecting the new cities of Indochina to India and beyond. Now the trans-Asia Highway is inching westward from Saigon to Phnom Penh. The stretch from Siem Reap to the Thai […]