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Ambroseli Safari 2019

Ambroseli Safari with 2019 Kili Initiative team. The previous evening at the hotel in Marangu I had eaten goat entrails stew, despite our commander Tim Challen’s warning. I ignored his advice and paid the price. I was deathly ill and the next day we went on a safari to Ambroseli. We sighted lions, elephants, zebra, […]

Snow Beer, Benny Hill, Lhasa 1995

In 1995 Tim Challen a 20 year old Briton wandered the world bound for Tibet. Chengdu, China was the airport of departure to Lhasa. Arranging visas et al he explored the Szechuan capitol arriving at a riverside cafe with two young female Dutch travelers for an afternoon tea. Surrounded by hibiscus flowers calm reigned along […]

Kili Intiative 2020 – TOP OF AFRICA – Go Fund Me

I will be leaving New York on Monday February 17 to meet the 2020 Kili Initiative team in Marangu Tanzania. Originally, the first Mt Kilimanjaro climb was just going to be a one-off ascent, with the singular aim of raising a few US dollars for community projects and to offer 10 young Africans the opportunity […]

Kili Initiative 2019 – Kibera # 2

Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Authorities estimated the population of the ‘Forest’ to be 500,000 to a million residents, who live on less than $1 a day. Crime and disease ravage the vast shantytown lacking schools, electricity, running water, and medical care. On my second day in Africa the Red Hook contingent; […]

Kili Initiative 2019 # 1 – JFK to NAIROBI

In early February I met Natalia Rios, Larry Fishbourne, and Laikyn Graham at JFK Airport for a flight to Nairobi, Kenya. The young New Yorkers were the members of the Kili Initiative’s 2019 team and I was their ‘chaperone’. The Initiative’s goal was to broaden their horizons by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in […]