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Pig Scare

In the summer of 1989 I visited Barcelona to see a female friend. Floe was a model from Sarasota, Florida. Her apartment overlooked the Ramblas. We were attracted to each other, however she was faithful to her absent boyfriend. We slept in the same bed without touching. It was a very frustrating experience. One afternoon […]

Stags Shagging in Season

Putney was not exactly the center of London, but I chose to stay with Sara. We were the best of friends. Dawn came early at her house. Every morning the record executive walked her sweet little dog, Maysie, in Richmond Park. I was a stranger to the Royal Park, the largest in London, and was […]

DONT FEED THE BEARS by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the last century I headed up to Maine for my youngest sister’s birthday. Watchic Pond was a short distance outside of Portland. Not much had changed along Route 25 and even less at the lake, except the pine trees were taller and we were a little older. After a long day lazing around […]

Amboseli Park KENYA – 2019

A troop of baboons doing what they do best CHAOS

HOT AS BLAZES by Peter Nolan Smith

Ten years ago I flew from JFK to Haneda in Japan. The segment of my trip lasted 14 hours. The layover in Japan was two hours and the final hop to Bangkok took 6 hours followed by a 90-minute taxi ride to Sriracha. Sitting for twenty-six hours straight had flattened my ass, so my coccyx […]