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BEAR SEASON by Peter Nolan Smith

Hunting season along the Hudson River opens in mid-October. Bow and arrows only. Guns are allowed in November, so I feel relatively safe walking in the woods, especially wearing a neon-orange hooded sweatshirt. No animal in that color existed north or south of Troy, New York and during the shooting season non-hunters drape their bodies […]

DONT FEED THE BEARS by Peter Nolan Smith

My second youngest sister has frequently called me a liar. In some ways Pam hasn’t been not wrong, for my remembrance of the past differs from the collective memories of family and friends. Several years ago I headed up to Maine for my younger sister’s birthday. Watchic Pond was a short distance outside of Portland. […]


Dave Van Ronk was a growling folk singer, who benignly dominated Greenwich Village in the 60s. He mostly played the East Coast due to his refusal to fly. His mode of travel was buses, trains, or a car driven by a young girlfriend. His bearish body hid a gentle heart, which he revealed any time […]

Fifi The Rasta

I love Paris in the summertime Less people if you can avoid the tourists and the skies seem clear of pollution. Of course the city empties out even more after the Grand Depart. Back in the July of 1985 I was walking in the Bois de Boulonge, which is much larger than Central Park. A […]

Cleaning Out The Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo has come under attack for first killing Marius, a giraffe, on the grounds that its genes were too close to the female giraffe. This culling of a healthy giraffe was according to the BBC, which reported that since 1828 only five giraffes have been euthanised for conservation reasons. The zoo further explained […]