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Cleaning Out The Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo has come under attack for first killing Marius, a giraffe, on the grounds that its genes were too close to the female giraffe. This culling of a healthy giraffe was according to the BBC, which reported that since 1828 only five giraffes have been euthanised for conservation reasons. The zoo further explained [...]

Malay Ban on Smiling Pigs

This weekend The New York Times published a small fluff story about how Switzerland has banned ownership of one guinea pig since they suffer from loneliness. This law is very protective of porkers, however not everyone loves pigs. Seal Beach in Orange Country has banned household pigs, which was directed at the one pet-owner in [...]

Cats on LSD

Luckily I had no cats in the 70s.

Oink Oink Sniffer Snout

Back in the 80s I was exiting Paris at Charles De Gaulle Aeroport. A French SWAT team cordoned off a corridor. An unclaimed bag lay against the wall. After a minute a small pig trotted over to the bag and sniffed at the potential ‘bombe’ with its pink little snout. The pig shook its head [...]

Dido The Wonder Dog

Dido the wonder dog wandered the gardens of the Luxembourg Residence. She roamed the parapets and barked at the crows. They burst into flight at the sound of her claws scrabbling across the pebbled driveway. At night Dido slept in my rooms, when her mistress was away. I liked her fine and she loved my [...]