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Kili Initiative 2019 – Leaving Nairobi

Early Sunday morning I woke early to the rock-n-rock prayer meetings competing for souls on the YMCA grounds. In the near distance other Bible-thumpers were preaching ‘the Word’. Fast Steve knocked on my door. The twenty-nine year-old Kenyan was the group leader for the Kili Initiative team. “Time to get up. We eat breakfast and […]

What Snow?

The US Meteorological Survey has reported that New York City received a little over twenty inches of snow this winter. All I saw were a few dustings, then again throughout February I was in Kenya and Tanzania. Snow topped Mount Kilimanjaro and some days ran down the slopes, however the equatorial sun melted the snow […]

Kili Initiative 2019 – Kibera

Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya. City authorities estimated the population of the ‘Forest’ to be 500,000 to a million residents, who live on less than $1 a day. Crime and disease ravage the vast shantytown lacking schools, electricity, running water, and medical care. On my second day iN Africa the Red Hook […]

Kili Initiative 2019 – JFK to NAIROBI

In early February this year I flew across the Atlantic with Natalia Rios, Larry Fishbourne, and Laityn Graham to Nairobi, Kenya. The young New Yorkers from Queens and Red Hook were the members of the Kili Initiative 2019 team. The Initiative goal was to broaden their horizons by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in […]

OUT OF TOUCH / OFF TO AFRICA – Kili Initiative 2019

More than a month ago I left New York and flew east with Natalia Rios, Larry Fishbourne, and Laityn Graham to Nairobi, Kenya. The 777 rose from JFK aeroport and flew east across the Atlantic. The flight was not full and we stretchedacross the 3-seat economy section. Natalia and Laityn slept like queens, while Larry […]