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Ambroseli Safari 2019

Ambroseli Safari with 2019 Kili Initiative team. The previous evening at the hotel in Marangu I had eaten goat entrails stew, despite our commander Tim Challen’s warning. I ignored his advice and paid the price. I was deathly ill and the next day we went on a safari to Ambroseli. We sighted lions, elephants, zebra, […]

Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley – Africa 2019

In March 2019 while trekking across the Masaai Plains with the Kili Initiative team, ten young adults from Kibera and East New York, I hiked alone to meeting them for a rock climbing exercise. The dust of Africa under my feet I heard a song on the wind and saw the team atop of rock. […]

The Slum of Hope

Kibera The Forest in Nubian Nairobi Kenya A million souls Living by the Nairobi Lake On $2 a day A slum Bigger than Boston Filled with every tribe in Kenya, Uganda, the Sudan, Nubia, Somalia Living together On $2 a day Never giving up Kibera is the slum of hope. I have walked through the […]

Welcome To Zimbabwe

Written January 30, 2013 In 1979 the white Rhodesian minority lost its stranglehold on the landlocked African nation and the UNAC won the April elections. Power-sharing arrangements shifted in the coming years and Zimbabwe began a black nation on June 12, 1979. Since that time the country has been ruled by President Mugabe, who has […]

Amboseli Park KENYA – 2019

A troop of baboons doing what they do best CHAOS