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Solo – 2019 Kili Initiative # 17

I come from a city of millions. Sometimes I don’t speak to anyone in a day. I consider those days as the way of silence. Like the Poor Clare Nuns living under a vow of silence. Dawn broke early of the Kibo Lodge Guest House. We woke for morning exercise. Across the gully the Prayer […]

Relax Chez Kibo Huts – 2019 Kili Initiative # 16

The 2019 Kili Initiative team was happy to be at the Kibo Slopes Guest House in Loitikikok. I hadn’t been eaten by hyenas, no one had gotten sick, and we had conquered the birthplace of all thorns, Lolapange. Larry’s ankle was a little tweaked from the morning run, otherwise we were in one piece. “How […]

Loitokitok by Foot- Kili Initiative # 15

The Kili Initiative 2019 team assembled at 5:55 for pre-dawn calisthenics. JM cancelled the morning jog, because the young people, Fast Steve, and JM were running from our campsite to Loitokitok. The team skipped breakfast to avoid stomach cramps. Johnny, the driver, loaded the backpacks, tents, and equipment onto the tuk-tuk. The ten runners set […]

An African Sun Shower – Kili Initiative 2019 #14

We returned to the small town after the climbing exercise at the Maasai Rocks. JM said we had the afternoon free. The Kili Initiative team took a break. I wandered to the nearby school. The students had left for the day. Their departing footprints scored the dust. The school served the scattered communities. The ground […]

Maasai Rocks – 2019 Kili Initiative # 14

After a quick lunch of sandwiches the Kili Initiative squad headed to the Maasai Rocks to learn climbing techniques. The footpath was typically dusty and the sun was high in the sky, however the temperature was pleasant on the high equatorial plain. I lagged behind the group as a rearguard against a lion attack. While […]