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The Slum of Hope

Kibera The Forest in Nubian Nairobi Kenya A million souls Living by the Nairobi Lake On $2 a day A slum Bigger than Boston Filled with every tribe in Kenya, Uganda, the Sudan, Nubia, Somalia Living together On $2 a day Never giving up Kibera is the slum of hope. I have walked through the […]

Welcome To Zimbabwe

Written January 30, 2013 In 1979 the white Rhodesian minority lost its stranglehold on the landlocked African nation and the UNAC won the April elections. Power-sharing arrangements shifted in the coming years and Zimbabwe began a black nation on June 12, 1979. Since that time the country has been ruled by President Mugabe, who has […]

Amboseli Park KENYA – 2019

A troop of baboons doing what they do best CHAOS

The Loss of Caul’s Vision

On March 4, 2020 after a simple breakfast David, my guide, and I left Kibo Hut on Kilimanjaro to descend to Hurumbo Hut. I turned often to eye Africa’s tallest mountain rimmed by hoarfrost. Near a grouping of old volcanic rocks David said, “We can get the Internet here. Maybe even a phone home.” I […]

From Here To Timbucktu

When I was a child of the 50s in Maine, Timbukto symbolized the most remote destination on this Earth, although Bob Hope and Bing Crosby never made a ‘road movie’ to there. One day during geography class my teacher at Pine Grove Primary School in Falmouth Foresides traced her finger across the world map to […]