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marangu 40-meter race – fast steeve, ubah, jackman, m’zee, and youngblood.

40 Meter Mad Dash – Marangu, Tanzania – 2019 Kili Initiative Team # 22

Tanzania was greener than Kenya. The country has been ruled by socialists for decades. The people looked the same, but I was the only M’zoongoo in sight. I was blind to many things and blessed by an accepting ignorance. None of the 2019 Kili Initiative Team were native to this country. We were Kenyans and […]

The Border of Tanzania – 2019 Kili Initiative # 21

That night I dreamed about Mount Washington. My father had driven us to the summit in summer of 1958. The wind ripped through our clothing and my father said, “Good thing is isn’t winter.” A rumble filled my ears and I feared an avalanche, but it was Preacherman grumbling the Wrath of God at 5:30 […]

Loitokitok – 2019 Kili Initiative – # 20

Back at the Kibo Slopes Lodge the Kili Initiative team relaxed after lunch. I hadn’t eaten anything. My stomach was trembling at the sight of good and decided to wander into town for some souvenirs and maybe even a Guinness. The Irish Stout was good for you. This was our last day in Loitokitok. Tomorrow […]

Ambroseli Safari – Kili Initiative 2019 # 19

My night after the goat intestine soup was a rough one. I lost count of how times I hit the toilets and blew my chips in the bushes. Ma’we came out once and asked, “You want to go to hospital?” I shook my head. “I’ve only been to the hospital once in my life. At […]