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Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley – Africa 2019

In March 2019 while trekking across the Masaai Plains with the Kili Initiative team, ten young adults from Kibera and East New York, I hiked alone to meeting them for a rock climbing exercise. The dust of Africa under my feet I heard a song on the wind and saw the team atop of rock. […]

Heading to Inkisanjane 2020 Kili Initiative

The 2020 Kili Intiative team has departed from the Kibo Lodge in Loitokitok for the Maasai Plains under the guidance of JM, Ma’we, and Fast Steve. The road down to the highway is so familiar from last year with Mount Kilimanjaro looming behind the group of Tanzanian and Kenya young adults. The valley stretches for […]

22 Rich Men In Africa

Twenty-two people have more wealth than 325 million women in Africa. Their names are: Phil Knight of Nike Sheldon Adelson’s fortune comes from gambling. Charles Koch, right wing racist Ma Huateng of Ten Cent Jack Ma of Alibaba S. Robson Walton of Walmart Alice Walton of same shitty company Jim Walton related to the above […]

Ambroseli Safari – Kili Initiative 2019 # 19

My night after the goat intestine soup was a rough one. I lost count of how times I hit the toilets and blew my chips in the bushes. Ma’we came out once and asked, “You want to go to hospital?” I shook my head. “I’ve only been to the hospital once in my life. At […]

Relax Chez Kibo Huts – 2019 Kili Initiative # 16

The 2019 Kili Initiative team was happy to be at the Kibo Slopes Guest House in Loitikikok. I hadn’t been eaten by hyenas, no one had gotten sick, and we had conquered the birthplace of all thorns, Lolapange. Larry’s ankle was a little tweaked from the morning run, otherwise we were in one piece. “How […]