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It’s Three in the morning And my client’s mistress hasn’t left The diplomat’s 65th Street townhouse. The blonde wisp entered at One. The upstairs lights were extinguished at One-fifteen. I stand in the alley. The night wind is a little cold. No complaints. My job is mostly to watch someone else’s life. Not a spy. […]

TRASH FIORUCCI by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1978 the windows of Fiorucci on East 60th Street featured the latest flash fashion from Italy. These trendy threads guaranteed immediate entrance into Studio 54 or any exclusive disco in Manhattan. I was a punk. Glitter wasn’t my thing, however a gold lame Elvis suit graced the front window and I wanted it bad. […]

Biloxi 1975

An hour after sunset we passed through Ocala. The cowboy town looked mean and I drove the speed limit. Florida was a big state at 55. I joined the Interstate after Lake City. Old Bill drunkenly bitched about the trucks. “Not many other options.” I wasn’t keen on driving through the backroads of the Panhandle. […]

THE RULE OF MR. KLAUS by Peter Nolan Smith / Anthony Scibelli

In the early 70s the Twin Towers rose over Lower Manhattan with the promise of a bright future, but by 1975 New York City was declared bankrupt and seven million people lived on the edge of anarchy. The project’s landfill created a desolation along the Hudson. The wind curled around the Twin Towers to blow […]

WHEN FAT MEN FLY by Peter Nolan Smith / Chapter 4

The first week in February I moved into an apartment in Brighton’s Bug Village. The walls were thin as a potato chip and a space heater warmed the living room. I slept under an electric blanket and Linda stayed over twice a week to share my bed. Wayne came to crash with Marie after concerts. […]