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Dad’s Moustache 1972

In the early 1970s my father complained about my sister’s boyfriend’s facial hair and she told my father that he would look younger with a mustache. He grew one and then sideburns too. Youth always wins over an older man. Mom, my youngest brother Michael and my father Frank A Smith II. Love them all […]

HItchhiking Delaware 1970

In 1970 Peter Gore and I were arrested by a Delaware state trooper on this stretch of I95. We were fined $25 and put on a bus to New York. I never paid that ticket which has probably ballooned with penalties and interest to $1100. That is why I fear Delaware. Especially the Delaware Welcome […]

Culiacan, Mexico 1975

In the winter of 1975 I rode a train south from Mexcali. The journey was slow on the sun-warped rails. Our stops included towns without names as well as bigger cities. Hermosillo-Guaymas-Los Mochis. I got off in Culiacan at dawn. The city lay on the Gulf of Cortez. The temperature rose with each hour. I […]

Muse of the Sex Pistols

Lesson 2. Establish the name Sex Pistols. Who was this girl? Not a natural blonde. British. Now about 50. Then 18. This goddess of punk was in THE GREAT ROCK AND ROLL SWINDLE. Where is she now?

BEATEN BY BLONDIE by Peter Nolan Smith

Two boys bullied me the last year of grammar school on the South Shore. The daily beating were witnessed by friends and classmates. Joe Tully and Mark Scanlon were not in good shape. They stopped after a few minutes and everyone wandered home to watch WHERE THE ACTION IS. No one ever tried to stop […]