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An incredible quadruple Gemini birthday party at Kim and Kyle Davis’ apartment on Bleecker Street. Sean Hausman, Eric Goode, and Kim had hung blue and white balloons overhead. They had plastered xeroxed fotos of the four natal celebrants on the wall and illuminated the living room with a modulating blue lights. Punk and funk music. […]


EASTER 1916 I have met them at close of day Coming with vivid faces From counter or desk among grey Eighteenth-century houses. I have passed with a nod of the head Or polite meaningless words, Or have lingered awhile and said Polite meaningless words, And thought before I had done Of a mocking tale or […]

Etaples France 1917

Accoriding to Wilipedia the major UK troop staging and hospital camp in Étaples in France has been theorized by researchers as being at the center of the Spanish Flu. The research was published in 1999 by a British team, led by virologist John Oxford. In late 1917, military pathologists reported the onset of a new […]

World AIDS Awareness Day

In the Fall of 1978 I was hired as security at an uptown punk disco uptown. The job paid $100 a night and free drinks from the gay bartenders. I came home from Hurrah smelling of cigarettes, beer, and perfume. Alice slept on the bed. I crashed on the couch. Late one night a doctor […]

The Last View Of The Titanic

HMS Titanic departed from Southampton on April 10, 1912. The massive ship stopped at Cherbourg to pick up 274 more passengers and drop 24. The next day the Titanic reached Cork, Ireland, where over a hundred passengers boarded the liner and seven departed. One was Father Francis Browne, a Jesuit trainee, who snapped the known […]