January 5, 1979 – East Village – Journal

The Kinks are on the radio. YOU REALLY GOT ME. A British Invasion festival from 1963 to 1966 marking an unexpected musical explosion from Great Britain. Many of the bands had been condemned by the Pat Boone loving conservatives. Few of those groups survived the Sixties. THe Beatles are dead, but the Rolling Stones survive.

The Kampuchea of the Khmer Rouge has been invaded by Vietnam backing up the Cambodian rebels to overthrow the genocidal madness through Pol Pot’s attempt to create a classless agrarian society. Vietnam succeeded in defeating the RVN in South Vietnam after the USA betrayed their allies. The Pathet Lao, a communist coalition backed by Hanoi, rules Laos after the failure of the CIA to secure the landlocked country. The Nixon Administration had illegally bombed once-neutral Cambodia into the Stone Age and after the Khmer Rouge captured Phnom Penh, the cadres forced the population out of the city into the country. Despite the defeat the Khmer Rouge have retreated to the Parrot’s Beak, once an NVA stronghold, to continue the struggle, after Hanoi decided to kick out the ethnic Chinese, Red China, the main supporter of Kampuchea.

The Khmer Rouge number 90,000 against Vietnam’s army of over one million with Soviet Russia’s backing. Southeast Asia appears ready for a massive regional war. Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia versus Thailand, but no one was to fight them, so the Domino Theory stops at the Thai border. The Soviets, while dedicated to world revolution, want to bide their time for capitalism to collapse. The USA will never go red. We are fiercely in love with potato chips. The eucharist of patriotism from east to west.

Foto of the Khmer Rouge evacuating the cities.

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