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Open City declared Peter Nolan Smith an underground punk legend of the 1970s East Village. The New England native spent many years as a nightclub doorman in New York, Paris, London, and Hamburg. The constant traveler has lived for long periods of time in Europe and the Far East. After a forced retirement from the Schmatta trade in Thailand, Peter Nolan Smith returned to New York to work in the international diamond trade. At summer’s end he resumed the life of a writer. The world’s leading leisureologist is currently based in Sri Racha, Thailand, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and Luxembourg City. He has no address.

2019 Kili Initiative # 10 – Another Night Walk – Illasit

As the sun dropped to the west of Illasit. I stood on a hill trying to contact Tim Challen, the Kili Initiative director, in Geneva. Somehow a signal connected us and my friend asked, “How is everyone?” “Better than good. They made it here on their own. It’s not easy for anyone to read a […]

Never Call The Police

This weekend in Fort Worth, Texas police responded to a 911 call about a potential break-in from a neighbor, who had seen a woman’s door ajar. The PD arrived on the scene. A rookie officer spotted a woman inside the house and capped 28 year-old Atatiana Jefferson with a 9mm. The victim was in her […]

28 W. 15th Street/A friendship With Somebody Else – by Dakota Pollock

This summer I sold out and bought an a/c Artists were meant to suffer To transform their suffering Into understanding and hope By altering perspective For those who were unable To find it in themselves But now, I was no good. I was heat struck and heat warped Caught in a fire like ash dump […]

Trump’s Nuclear Out

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a series of lows followed by even more lows. His telephone call to to Ukraine’s leader to seek evidence of criminal corruption of a political rival’s seemed a new low, however his followers immediately forgave # 45 by saying everyone makes mistakes and his Attorney General blamed the chaos on […]

2019 Kili Initiative – Arrival in Illasit # 9

After crossing ten miles of the arid savannah Ma’we and I reached the road to Illasit, an isolated Masai town in the late afternoon. The equatorial sun was dropping to the west. My backpack weighed a ton. JM the guide had warned about carrying any extra weight and I thought about throwing away my toothbrush. […]