November 28, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Alice is busy with the play again. Two dates at Irving Plaza scheduled for December and I have been employed as the bouncer. That’s all I am good for thanks to my wicked smile and speedy fists. Alice’s only reason to be with me is as her protector, but never her pimp, although she denies it.

We haven’t fucked since the night her brother left for the mountains. Two minutes after his departure she said atop the loft, “Come up here.”

“Only if you suck me off.”

“Get up here them.”

Once up on the lift she wanted to do it missionary style which was difficult , because of the low ceiling. As she got close to climax, we switched to female dominant, her pelvis grinding into my bone to reach orgasm. Her body sags over my chest, shuddering from satisfaction. My penis loses hardness and she slithers off to get it erect with her mouth. Thirty seconds. I fuck here mercenary style from behind.

“You only get off when you hurt me.”

It’s the truth. Her pleas for mercy turn me on.

But back to tonight.

I told Alice I was staying here. I hate th loft and want to tear it down.

“If you want to fuck, come down and you can ride me on the chair. It will be good and you’ll be in control.”

“Only if you take off your clothes.”

I did and she climbed down from the loft. My hands grabbed her ass. It was fleshier than when we first met. She must be eating at rehearsals for the show, because she never eats here. We fuck. She gets off. I go limb. For the second time. I wish she was a promiscuous cocksucker, but she’s square with me.

I try to get aroused eating her pussy, but it has a tangy taste and I stop.

“Do you mind if I just masturbate?” You don’t have to do anything.”

Go ahead.”

Her hand got her off for the second time that evening.

I love Alice, but we’ve been together for a long time and I’m bored with her body. I’m sure she’s bored with mine. In the last month I’ve had several one-night stands in alleys and CBGBs bathroom. Zipless fucks. One with a redheaded chubby nympho who wanted it up the ass and then cum in her mouth For that I was hard. She wa a star in Divine’s WOMEN BEHIND BARS. A great dirty fuck.

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