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Tom Verlaine RIP

In the summer of 1978 Television played two shows at the the Bottom Line. MARQUEE MOON had been the best LP of 1977 for us at CBGBs. The first one I missed, because I was working uptown at Hurrah. For the second at the end of July I took off the night and left my […]


I never went above 125 Never had no reason Bad BERNARD beyonded Harlem To the Bronx. Torched buildings Latin gangs Jankee Stadium. The hardcore South Bronx. No one from the punk scene went that far north. No one from the Upper East Side. No one from the Village. Only Bad BERNARD. Bad BERNARD had his […]

Bobby B BADD By Peter Nolan Smith

Gather round my friends And I’ll tell you a tale. About a young man no one knew so well. A drifter dropping off a southbound train. Happy to be out of Amarillo. Bobby B BADD A beat-up black suit covered a scarecrow body. A hundred and fifty-four pounds soaking wet. He bent over to a […]


I was nothing I possessed nothing I felt nothing Not Love Food Pissing Shitting Nothing touched my nothingness Then I woke Underwater My lungs filled with water Panic Around me nothing I looked up A hand I reached up Two hands touched I was pulled to the surface A woman on a raft hugged me […]


My 31st birthday party at Jurgen’s house on Rue de la Tour with Bridget, Tony, Tracy, Alfredo, Karine, Diana, Olivier, T, Rufus, David, Philip Brook, everyone absolutely smacked out on Persian brown. Tony, Traci, and Julie Cole were the only straight person. The less about this evening the better. Tony later said, “Anyone who can […]