Monthly Archives: July 2021

July 31, 1988 – Perpignan

Last night Jacques Vial, my patron in Perpignan and cousin to Olivier Brial (Cousins could be anyone from the same town or village in Catalunya), had invited some forty people to a forest dinner. At a long white-clothed table his beau-frere, his wife, Jean-Louis, his employer, Francois, a compatriot, a sad carpenter, a skilled woodsman, […]

The Children Of Dead Friends

Sad to say I have outlived my most dangerous friends. They challenged Life. Faces turned to destiny and death seized them for eternity. Junkies, bank robbers, normal people and psychos lifted from life. We cannot surrender out souls. We must live. Forever or until the sun don’t shine.

A Walk To Bliss

At dusk after a hard day’s work I walked to the closest packie in Hudson. There wasn’t a car in the parking lot. The bells of a nearby church rang five times. Five O’Clock. They can’t have close at 5 But it was a Monday Then I spotted a lit OPEN sign. I purchased a […]

Cold As A Dog’s Tongue

Today 120 in Death Valley. 98 in Brooklyn. Ice cream stick in my hand. A glob of vanilla falls on my foot. Cold spreads on my skin Like frost from a hole in an Inuit’s boot Cold, but not close to zero in winter. And then the cold melts above freezing. A dog looks at […]

The Last Words On A Landline Phone

Some eleven years after the end of the American Civil War, Alexander Graham Bell uttered the first words over a telephone in 1876 to his assistant. “Mr. Watson – come here – I want to see you.” Since then millions of trillions of words have been spoke over landlines, however since the advent of cellular […]