Monthly Archives: December 2017

60 Minus 1

Friends, family, and strangers constantly say that I don’t look my age. I’ve stopped looking in the mirror in favor of regarding my shadow against a wall, so the innate narcissistic nature guillibly believes the complements and lies. This weekend was my birthday. One short of the next big one. Andrea from across the aisle […]

The Last Christmas Tree

After Thanksgiving Christmas trees crowded the sidewalks of New York. On the corner of Fulton and St. Felix Streets the holiday franchise was run by Laurent and Amy, who have transported evergreens from the northern forest of Quebec. We spoke in French with their accent a provincial Quebecois and my r-less speech betraying my Boston […]

No Bah Humbug

Few holidays are more commercialized than Christmas. The chorus of BUY BUY BUY on TV drowns out any rendition of SILENT NIGHT, as hordes of Americans flock to the malls in their SUVs to buy products made in China. Credit cards are whipped out at the cash registers to complete their Xmas gift list on […]


The next morning AK, Pam, and Sean slept in late. After waking tey ate a hearty breakfast of flapjack and sausages with the lodge’s owner on the porch. White rapids surged over the rocky creek and a few clouds dotted the deep blue above the mountain peaks. Ralph spread a map on the table to […]

The Attack Of The Grinch

The Trump tax plan has overhauled the code largely in favor of the filthy rich. None of his supporters have criticized this Christmas gift to the top .01%. Everyone wants to be a billionaire and hope for a miracle to raise them from swamp of the middle class, but as I’ve always said, “There are […]