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Innocent As Charged

Last January Thai authrotities arrest five police officers for the murder of a Saudi businessman seeking to retrieve some of the loot from the infamous Blue Diamond Heist of 1989. The actual thief fled to Lampuang Province where he sold the jewelry for as little as $30. A Bangkok jeweler supposedly purchased many pieces before […]

BET ON CRAZY / The Blue Diamond Affair

In the autumn of 2008 Richie Boy opened our jewelry store in the Plaza Hotel’s Retail Collection. I thought we were going to coin a fortune. The Plaza was a legend. Rich people stayed there. It didn’t take me long to see a disaster looming on the horizon. The American economy was in the can […]

Jocko Weyland Opening in Konstanz

This weekend Master skateboarder/artist/curator Jocko Weyland will be exhibiting his newest works in Switzerland. If I were close, I would go. Here’s the info. Axel Görger & Jocko Weyland @ Holz & Beton Kunstausstellung Neuwerk , Großer Saal Oberlohnstrasse 3 78467 Konstanz Vernissage / tunes by Sergeant Pfeffer : Saturday 05.04.2014 / 20.00 Finissage / […]

Weird Womb’s Tour Manager

Last week Dakota Pollock of Weird Womb asked me to write a band bio. I became friends with the group’s singer and Johnny the guitarist at the 169 Lounge, Chinatown’s epic dive bar on East Broadway and had seen the Tucson quartet at Shea Stadium, so I told Dakota, “Sure.” They were my favorite new […]

MC5 A True Testimonial Sixties Detroit Rock

The history of the one and only MC5. The greatest rock band of all time. To see the documentary MC5 A True Testimonial Sixties Detroit Rock, please go to the following URL