Monthly Archives: May 2013

Posh 16ish Parties

My friend stood on the balcony of his toney London house and looked down on the scrum of teenagers in his garden. The shouting horde smiled with red faces lost to the future in the haze of now. KS’s wife sat in the kitchen with the other moms. Her eyes said to KS, “Your problem.” […]

The Legacy Of Europa

The night skies over Italy in 1610 were unsullied by the light overdose of the 21st Century. Galileo Galilei pointed a 20X telescope into the stars, while standing atop of rooftop at the University of Padua. The astronomer spotted a single moon orbiting Jupiter, but the next evening he divined that they were two not […]

No Beer In Hell

Some things never change, especially if those in charge never change, and today the Vatican re-afformed that atheists such as myself are going to Hell to contradict the new Pope supposedly saying that non-believers could be saved through Christ if they do good. Hell is hell for the Holy Roman Church and in the words […]

Girls Are Trouble

13 year-old boys get into trouble. It’s the nature of being a boy, but sometimes they have help and it usually comes from the opposite sex if they’re lucky. Of course my high school sweetheart wanted to save her virginity until marriage. I respected her wishes. Why we broke up I don’t recall, but two […]

THE PRICE OF PURITY by Peter Nolan Smith

Several years ago during the monsoon season I sought refuge from an early evening deluge in a very ordinary beer bar off Pattaya’s Soi Excite. I parked my motor scooter under an awning and scooted for shelter. The rain cascaded off the roof like a curtain of water. No one could see in or out. […]