Monthly Archives: August 2012

Sleeping On The Job

Farangs constantly criticize Thais for their uncanny ability to sleep anywhere without realizing that Thai workers are pushed to the limit. There are very few worker’s rights in the Land of Smiles, where a Thai might labor 10 hours a day 6 days a week for 200-300 baht a day, so whenever a workers get […]

Make Mine Rare

Last Labor Day weekend in Maine my brother-in-law and I had several discussions about whether it was better to BBQ with charcoal or gas. The world’s leading leisurologist voted for gas and I’ll have to bow to the swami’s greater savvy on this subject. Some subjects you have to leave to the experts.

CBS Top 10 Songs For Labor Day 2012

I googled ‘top ten songs labor day’ and was surprised by the selection from CBS. I’d have never expected Van Morrison to score that high. Go Ireland. #1 Van Morrison “Brown Eyed Girl” #2 Eagles “Hotel California” #3 Four Seasons “Sherry” #4 Beatles “Hey Jude” #5 Lynyrd Skynyrd “Sweet Home Alabama” #6 Elton John “Your […]

Roofie The GOP

A lot of my liberal friends are shunning their GOP comptriots in this preseason of the presidential election. FH wrote on facebook the following; i am shocked that some of my friends are for Romney/Ryan .I am a total bad judge of character. If you are suddenly defriended you will know why. Enjoy you fantasy. […]

Make My Way

Earlier this month Clint Eastwood announced his support for Mitt Romney and the Hollywood icon appeared on stage of the Tampa Convention Center with a chair. The actor/director/producer pretended to speak with an invisible Barack Obama, accusing him of creating 23 million unemployed, even though the US Department of Labor puts the number at 13 […]