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New Year Where

On December 31, 2010 night we were closing the diamond exchange and one of the security guards asked of my New Year’s plans. Big Dave’s an ex-cop from Brooklyn. My neck of the city. Light black and the 300-pounder knows my hang-out, even though his favorite watering hole is Junior’s on Flatbush. “I’m going to […]


The first disaster in the Bible is the Flood. 9/11 was a modern catastrophe meant to change the way America lives. No more SUVs. No more fast food. No more stupid fat kids. Unfortunately this was not the case and New York was laid open for a winter attack of snow this Xmas weekend by […]

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – “East-West”

Pieces of Shit / BET ON CRAZY by Peter Nolan Smith

My opinion of people is based on the premise that we are all the same. Everyone wants good for themselves, their families, and friends. Adolf Hitler is the exception instead of the rule, however my boss on 47th Street holds people in a different regard. The year was 1994. All people are pieces of shit.” […]

Work by Manard G Krebs

Working sucks. Manard g krebs was a beatnik allergic to work. he was our idol.