Monthly Archives: October 2009

White Trash Loser

1. Did you fart? Cuz you just blew me away. 2. Are yer parents retarded? Cuz ya sure are special. 3. My love fer you is like diarrhea. I just can’t hold it in. 4. Do you have a library card? Cuz I’d like to sign you out. 5. Is there a mirror in your […]

How Love Works

Aussie Rules

An Australian guy is traveling around the Greek Islands. He walks into a bar and, by chance, is served by an Australian barmaid. As she takes his order, a Foster’s, she notices his accent. Over the course of the evening they get chatting. At the end of her shift he asks if she wants to […]

Awful Afghan Autumn

October 2009 has proven deadly to coalition soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. The Taliban proved resilient and the populace resistant to appeals for peace from the occupation forces. Hardliners in the Pentagon are pressing President Obama for more troops. The C-in-C has resisted their demands, for the people of America don’t have the heart or mind […]

Jailbait # 3

Need I say more.