Monthly Archives: April 2009

Black’s Beach Buff-Naked Bluff

back in 1972 I’m hitchhiking in Big Sur on the way to LA. A pick-up stops for me. Two women in the front. One bull dyke and her fem GF. They ask if i want to camp with them. I said why not and splurged on a jeroboam of Gallo White. We set up camp […]

On the Road – Heartland

Three weeks ago my good friend, Peter Bach, telephoned from London and asked if i would like to accompany him on a a road trip to the Midwest. Paid with expenses. Destinations – Chicago-St. Louis -Kansas City-Des Moines-Minneapolis-Chicago. 8 days / 7 nights. He was filming a small movie. I couldn’t say ‘no’. I had […]

Ping Pong Senority

My aunt and I played ping pong for 50 years. Madge beat me like a rented mule. At age 93 she had a stroke. When I visited her farm on Watchic Pond, I mentioned her decades-old victory streak and she said she could beat me even attached to an oxygen machine. I said a game […]

Earth Day 2009

I drank organic vodka in celebration of Earth Day. The mixer was organic ginger ale. Glass bottles. A glass glass. No plastic. It went well with my Happy Meal #3. Supposedly civilization started when hunter-gatherers discovered fermented fruits. One of them drank it. He survived and explained his out-of-the-body experience. The primitives understood that to […]

Tristam Dequatremare – French Painter

The more and more I see of Tristam Dequatremare. The more and more I like him. I have a painting of his in LA. With my Cousin Sherri. I doubt her husband will give it back. Art is like that unless it was taken by the Nazis.