Monthly Archives: April 2009

Black’s Beach Buff-Naked Bluff

back in 1972 I’m hitchhiking in Big Sur on the way to LA. A pick-up stops for me. Two women in the front. One bull dyke and her fem GF. They ask if i want to camp with them. I said why not and splurged on a jeroboam of Gallo White. We set up camp […]

On the Road – Heartland

Three weeks ago my good friend, Peter Bach, telephoned from London and asked if i would like to accompany him on a a road trip to the Midwest. Paid with expenses. Destinations – Chicago-St. Louis -Kansas City-Des Moines-Minneapolis-Chicago. 8 days / 7 nights. He was filming a small movie. I couldn’t say ‘no’. I had […]

Ping Pong Senority

My aunt and I played ping pong for 50 years. Madge beat me like a rented mule. At age 93 she had a stroke. When I visited her farm on Watchic Pond, I mentioned her decades-old victory streak and she said she could beat me even attached to an oxygen machine. I said a game […]

Willie DeVille 1986

This night Willie DeVille came to the Royal Lieu with Jorgen Osterloh, Aurora Clemente, and Dean Tavourlos. Willie was with his wife. We knew each other from CBGBs. He gave me a line of smack. Willie was good for that. It was brown. Jorgen said he was going back to his apartment in Montmatre. I […]

Earth Day 2009

I drank organic vodka in celebration of Earth Day. The mixer was organic ginger ale. Glass bottles. A glass glass. No plastic. It went well with my Happy Meal #3. Supposedly civilization started when hunter-gatherers discovered fermented fruits. One of them drank it. He survived and explained his out-of-the-body experience. The primitives understood that to […]