Monthly Archives: May 2008

17 Hours Bangkok-JFK Express

I’ve traveled from Bangkok-New York over 40 times in the last 15 years. East via Europe. West via Tokyo or Korea or Taipei. The stopovers at these transit terminals were rehearsals for purgatory and if so then drinks are cheap in that spiritual way station. In fact nothing is cheap in transit lounges, unless your […]

Aussie Sex Slave Madam

Several months ago Ort was sitting in the Tiger Bar. The 23 year-old was the skinniest girl in the bar. She had her choice of customers. None suited her. “All of them are kee-nio.” “How much they pay you?” “1500 baht for short time. 2500 for all night.” She ordered another beer on my tab. […]

Nuking Iran

GW Bush toured the Middle East to celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary and beg the Saudis to increase oil production. He successfully ate cake with the Israelis, but he pleas for mercy at the pumps was met with a stony silence. The US president knows how to handle Arabs and a high official hinted to Israeli […]

Prostitution In Providence

I’ve been back in the States a month. My funds are getting low. Hell, they were low when I left Thailand. A friend offered a job in Providence. hang drapes at the Biltmore Hotel. $300/ 2 days. Not enough for a ticket back to paradise, but half of that amount would take care of my […]

Ted Kennedy Survives Helicopter Ride

Ted Kennedy was hospitalized for a seizure this weekend. The senior senator was helicoptered to Mass General Hospital where he remains in stable condition. This brush with near-death was not his first and far from as famous as the Chappaquiddick Bridge incident, which resulted in the drowning death of of his late brother’s secretary, Mary […]