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Back in 1995 I left the USA after the death of my younger brother. My plan was to visit the holiest places in Asia. I was a non-believer, but believed this pilgrimage would help Michael’s soul in eternity. By late August I had reached in old Yunnan city of Lijiang in Southern China. My hotel […]

Hell on Earth Tibet

After my youngest brother’s demise to AIDS in 1995 I traveled to several of Asia’s most holy sites to expiate his sins. Some of mine too. My main destination was Lhasa and I spent two months there drinking beer and walking around the Jokhrang, the Tibetan cathedral to Buddhism. The Chinese presence was noticeable with […]

Ganden Mud

In November of 1995 I went up to Ganden monastery with my friend Tim Challen. The Red Guard had destroyed the temple complex during the Cultural Revolution and the Tibetans were finally rebuilding the Gelukpa university at the top of Wangbur Mountain. I joined the volunteers in marching around the roof singing Louie Louie. It’s […]

The Sky Of Road

In my earlier years I traveled the world. I loved seeing vistas such as this one. I’ll see them again, although maybe not the north side of Mt. Everest from Tibet.

Ganden Sky Burial

A mango tree shaded our old house in Sri Racha. Birds roosted on the branches. Our next-door neighbor hated the tree. Its leaves fell into their yard, even though the tree’s spread of shade cooled down both houses. My neighbor only saw the leaves and the other week she called up the electricity office to […]