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The What Button

A Parisienne friend was at the Doors at the Paris Museum of Modern Art and discovered that someone had added new images to the men and femmes bathrooms. I played ignorant and asked, “What’s the dot over the F line?” Ruth responded immediately, “Seriously? We need to talk. “Is it something mythical? “The on button […]

Cool Pockets

Back in the 1970s men wore tight clothing. Men were thinner than now. Beer bellies were way in the future and these men didn’t have crew cuts like most men of the 21st Century. They were cool. Back about those pockets. Are these men Mormon missionaries?

Perfect Day

Lou Reed recorded a signature song on his album TRANSFORMER. Actually more than one. VICIOUS and WALK ON THE WILD SIDE was joined by PERFECT DAY, which was later used for a TV commercial. “Oh, such a perfect day. I’m glad I spend it with you. You just keep me hanging on.” Normally hearing a […]

Unwashing of Hands

The Eternal Struggle

“Women are always right and they are never more right then when they are wrong and you try to convince of this.” – Pascha Ray Yesterday I visited my friend Richard Sw in Brighton Beach. His Ukrainian wife had given birth to a baby girl. I brought her a gift. She couldn’t have been more […]