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The other evening I was at a party for the painter Jonathan Gent. The UK native’s work covered the apartment walls of a Wall Street banker, who had been gracious enough to support a live artist. His patron was a basketball player. They always have cred with me. The mini-paintings sold fast and Jonathan was […]

A Clockwork Orange – 9th Symphony

Sucker Punch

The CBGB’s bathroom had many purposes. The main use was the traditional release of body waste. Another was spray-painting or magic-markering a band’s name atop the thousands of previous honorees of the toilet hall of fame. The inhalation of cocaine or heroin was more popular in the stalls than shooting up dope or speedballs. The […]

Left or Right

My flight to Beijing left American airspace someplace over Plattsburg, NY. Several F-16s are permanently on call to protect the country from terrorist attacks. On 9/11 only twelve jets were available for interception of the final hijacked plane. Its target was supposedly the White House. It crashed in Pennsylvania. America has been riven into two […]