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Osama Bin Laden arrested in Maine

Written Oct 31, 2006 Written Oct 31, 2006 Five years after 9/11 a man in Islamic attire appeared on the Maine Turnpike near South Portland. Numerous motorists called 911, because the man was carrying dynamite and bore a likeness to the infamous Osama Bin Laden. State Police swarmed to the scene. The bearded man was […]


A crack hotel underneath the Broadway El in Brooklyn sported a TRUMP 2020 banner throughout last year’s electoral process. No one sprayed graffiti over the walls and no one protested about the Orange-man’s attempt to get votes in Bushwick. I was never able to find the Trump HQ in that neighborhood, but thankfully Trump lost, […]

Big Pharma Bust

Opium has been a blessing and bane for people suffering from pain for over 5000 years. According to M J Brownstein’s “A Brief History of Opiates the Sumerians called the plant hul gil or the “joy plant, although the Egyptian priests reserved its use for the nobility and religious classes. After the collapse of the […]

Steve McQueen Wanted Dead Or Alive

Steve McQueen achieved national recognition for his role as Josh Randall in the TV western WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. The King of Cool parlayed his anti-hero persona in this series to win a lead in THE GREAT ESCAPE, which catapulted his name into the bright lights of Hollywood. His portrayal of a rebel sold well […]

Where’s Ralph?

Last Saturday I went down to Ralph’s Meats on Lafayette. The Fort Greene institution had its metal shutters down and a police poster announced that the deli was closed until further notice pursuant to gun and drug charges stemming from a 2012 arrest. I was hoping that the DA might have seen irregularities in the […]