The Three Rules of Wealth Acquisition

In a revolution traditionally the first ones against the wall are the landlords.

In our cities the only construction are luxury condos with 30% occupancy destroying whole neighborhoods by raising real estate taxes thanks to over-inflated values of empty apartments, so the elite can launder their wealth.

If you want to point fingers at why the people of the world are without money, it’s because the corporation for the sake of profits are too greedy to care about anything more than the wealth cloud and the rise of stock prices. No one on the streets has any money. No one carries money. Every transaction cost 2-3% in fees to the banks.

No one complains about the .00001%, because the hoi polloi share a deluded hope that one day they might be Cronus, however the only three sources of wealth are birth, marriage, or theft. Although sports players are changing that equation as well as drug dealers. They attained their wealth through hard work.

ps Joe Biden has done a good job, except for his hand in Israel’s regifting the Holocaust on Palestine. You can never get to the future by only looking in the rearview mirror.

Viva International Write-Off Day.

ps I’m a poet living off the state created by LBJ, the Great Society.

Photo by Aaron Slim

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