Fugly Americans

When I was young, I shopped at different stores for different gifts.

The prices were good and the quality guaranteed the products might last six months or more.

Sam Walmart and his family has eliminated the corner stores, the main streets of America, and the curio stores by a scorched-earth policy against middle-class businesses. Their success has been lauded by Democrats and the GOP free marketeers and this Black Friday Walmart proudly announced record sales for the day after Thanksgiving.

According to Al-Jazeera n 2915 Kory Lundberg, a spokesman for the chain, said that in a span of four hours Thursday evening, Walmart stores across the nation processed 10 million register transactions. On Thanksgiving, Walmart.com received 400 million page views, and on Friday, by noon, customers had purchased 2.8 million towels, 2 million televisions and 1.4 million computer tablets.

“We had record-breaking Black Friday results in our stores.”

Videos showed the hordes of shoppers hurtling through the doors to fight over TVs, laptops, tablets, dolls, and anything on sale.

“Buy, buy, buy.”

Most of it in my mind was crap and all of it was produced outside of the USA.

Protests against Walmart’s starvation wages were met by police.

Courts attempted to block demonstrators with injunctions.

Walmart pays $8/hour. That come to about $320/week before taxes. No one can live on that wage and an organizer told Al Jazeera, “We are not slaves. We are people just as well. At the end of the day, we want the things that the people who run Walmart have … We shouldn’t have to pick and choose what bills we are going to pay.”

In her four months at Walmart, McKinley says, she has made little over $2,400.

Truthfully Americans should boycott Black Friday, Walmart, and shopping malls, however their minds have been warped by millions of TV ads and I have to say that revolution in America will not depend on those consumers thronging to Walmart.

Before they were the lumpen proletariat.

Now they are simply victims of the global free market.

They produce nothing, they buy crap, and they believe the lies on TV.

These victims of zombie economics number about 200 million Americans with another 100 million of their income-challenged countrymen yearning to join their ranks.

The filthy rich are only .0001% of the population.

They wouldn’t be caught dead at Walmart or anywhere where their class wasn’t dominant.

That leaves 30 million Americans possibly struggling for good or bad or the in-between.

People get ready.

Our time will come.

Death to Flat-Screen TVs.

Long live the GTO.

And Kim Novak.

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