Not Without A Fight

New England rejected British rule in 1775. Not everyone wanted independence, but after the April 18th firefights of Lexington and Concord coupled with disastrous retreat to Boston His King’s generals should have realized they have a fight on their hands/.

Unfortunately for their troops and officer corps the royal generals decided to send 6000 soldiers against fortified breastworks on Breed’s Hill. Frontier shooting cost the British a thousand dead and many wounded.

The rebels were dedicated to independence.

And we were alone in the struggle for the freedom.


Fighting still.



Mereka Malaysia.

A hundred rebellion.

Millions dead.

Nations suppressed and now England wants to secede from the EEU in peace.

The Irish say ‘Téigh trasna ort féin’

Americans say ‘fuck you’.

You want freedom, then fight for it.

A scrum after a footie match doesn’t count, because the English team sucks.

Back to your warm beers.

Oblivion is easier to achieve than victory.

Allez, les Froggies.

Invade England.

You know you want to.

Same as Napoleon.

Nothing better than a brawl between the Teabags and the Garlic-Eaters.

Especially for us peaceful Irish.

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