Swat Signs Of Paranoia

My good friend from Palm Beach woke this morning to a military police invasion.

“A convoy of fire trucks, police and EMTs came racing by my house and stopped by the beach access. A dozen or more heavily suited and oxygen equipped men trudged down the jungle path to a sweltering and empty beach. Thinking it might be a shark attack, I had followed behind on my bike. Upon reaching the beach I saw the men carrying a simple white plastic fishing bucket away from the water’s edge. When I asked what all the fuss was about they said someone had called in a suspicious looking object, possibly explosives, seen on the beach. Good grief!!!”

What can we expect from a police force trained to consider every citizens as a potential terrorist.

Repeal The Homeland Security Act.

Stop the police on citizens violence.

It’s nature versus them and I know my side of the fight.

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