F for Fake and Fucked

Computers have created impassable hurdles for outlaws and this week Thai Immigration officials arrested a suspected 21-year-old British national on her departure at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Her travel document was awash with errors such as the misspelling of Suvarnabhumi and departures from said airport prior to its opening. Police have detained the young lady with a blue blood hyphenated name who was traveling to Dubai. Further interrogation will be conducted at the Immigration holding pen at the airport otherwise known as Hotel des Persona Non Grata where she was joined by 20 Indian nationals unable to prove that they had the wherewithal to finance their holiday in Thailand. Separate rooms krap.

The Thai police exhumed a admission of guilt from the violator of nation’s laws. I have experienced an arrest in the kingdom and it’s better to tell the truth fast to arrive at the moment of judgment ASAP. The woman’s reasons for risking her freedom are unknown to the Press, but the grousers at Thai Visa forum have typically convicted the woman without a trial.

Wankers most of them.

“A criminal British National who has broken the law and should be punished according to the law. I hope to the full. There seems to be some element around here who haven’t quite caught on to the idea that there are laws in Thailand and if you break them it is a criminal offense and not some sort of joke. Try forging a UK immigrant visa and see how you are dealt with in the UK. Although thinking about it there would probably some plea for political asylum and under the current Labour government they would doubtless bend over backwards to provide a large house and support for all the brats; and make the tax payers bend over forwards to take it up the arse paying for the benefits.”

This whiner was the winner for jerk-off of the day.

There was a time when Thailand was a refuge of the lost.

Now it’s the same as everywhere else.

A shopping mall with fat people getting fatter.

Instead of a paradise for those who weren’t scared of being someplace different.

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