Israeli War Plans

The New York Times published a multi-step scenario after an Israeli air attack on various Iranian nuclear facilities. The air attack is relatively successful in knocking out vital components such as centrifuges and fueling stations. The writer makes no mention on collateral civilian damages and feels that Mideast tensions will escalate only on the front lines of Gaza and Lebanon. The increased missile attacks will cause widespread flight from the attacks and Israel will respond with another punishing bombardment of the Hezbollah and Hamas strongholds. Iran plays the oil card sending gas prices into the stratosphere, pleasing the oil barons of Texas and that’s what it’s all about; oil and the Armageddon bringing Jesus back to Earth for his 2nd coming.

Hallelujah Glenn Beck the prophet of doom will be so happy.

I see the Israeli attack as a disaster; loss of planes, the spread of nuclear poison ala Three Mile Island, and the USA telling Israel finally YOYO.

You’re on your own.

It’s about time for the only ‘true’ democracy in the Mideast to stand alone.

And then they drop the A-bombs on Cairo and Damascus.

Angels trumpets blowing out ‘Jesus is coming’ all over the world.

At that moment I drinking the rest of my beer, because there will be no cold beer in Hell.

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