Check Bin Ka

Fabo and I were sitting in the garden of the Welkome Inn. He was drinking Heineken and I was supping a cold San Miquel Lite. Unexpectedly two unordered bottles arrived at the table. The waitress explained that a girl had received ten million Zaire Francs from a customer and rung the bell for the entire bar. Drinks for everyone.


Neither of us were financiers, however Zaire’s currency had to be subject to inflation. Fabo took out his cell and called a friend who pumped oil in Angola. After a quick conversation Fabo laughed hard and I asked, “How much?”

“62 baht per million.”

600 baht for a short-time trip to heaven was the asking price at the Welkom.

“We should warn her before she thinks she is the reincarnation of Mrs. Thaksin.”

“Let her have her moment of glory.” Fabo drank his new beer. “It tastes good cold.”

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