44 Degrees Centrigrade in Tak

In 1974 I stepped off a bus in Needles California. At first I thought the overwhelming heat was from a bus exhaust. The giant thermometer across the street told the truth. 137 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. I hid in the dairy Queen and drank ice cream sodas until the sun went down, then hitchhiked in Arizona.


This last week in Pattaya has been hotter than blazes. Almost as if the Martian Invasion Forces had focused a death ray on the coastline. Swimming pools were no help, since the sun had parboiled the water. Drinking beer became a life-saving necessity. Old timers could recall a hotter hot season and to prove it the Mercury topped 44C in Tak.

Thailand’s hottest day in 47 years.

Hottest ever was 44.5C, in Uttaradit province on April 27, 1960.

More beer. More ice.

I was seeping sweat like a sponge.

Thankfully the heat wave broke two nights ago in Pattaya with a cool wind coming from Siberia. Today is warm, but not brutal. Still two months to go until the monsoons, so stay cool.

As I said before.

More beer. More ice.

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